"supercell 2 Years" by Miwa Shirow
Illustrated by Miwa Shirow using the concept of the song "Love is War" by supercell

Have you ever heard of voice-synthesized virtual singers called “Vocaloid”?

If not yet, you are missing quite a lot of interesting facts about singers that all they ever did was sing the lyrics that are being fed to them.

Vocaloid is now the term for the virtual singers, used widely by fans from music composition, cosplay, and up until having their own anime series based on their songs. Vocaloids are programs which you install on your computers and make them sing your songs by simply typing in the lyrics and importing the instrumental. They are now often used into producing songs by many composers in Japan and continue to earn more attention as years go and as technology evolves.

One of the most popular figures among the many vocaloid programs out there is Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) who happens to have been tagged as the Virtual Diva of the many enthusiasts. Within the millions of vocaloid songs up to date, Miku has surely has, at least, 70-80% of songs that are released using her voice. Developed by Crypton Future Media Inc. with the voice of a voice actress, Fujita Saki (藤田咲) , she was initially released last August 31, 2007. Later, she had her voice banks upgraded into latest synthesizing technologies that was created by Yamaha.

Due to the huge demand and widespread of the vocaloid community and fandom, Yamaha incorporates and invested a lot into having concerts not only all over Japan but also overseas where tons of fans gathers in order to cheer their favorite vocaloid and sing along to their favorite song. They are using a holographic technology that projects vocaloid's humanoid characters on stage and make them dance and sing with a live music performance from different musicians.

Vocaloid Live Concert
Live Concert of Vocaloid featuring Hatsune Miku

The great thing about vocaloids – despite them, having no limits on which note to sing with – it managed to create another world where everyone can use their own creativity and excel into their own fields through one common interest.

From songs to covers, from CD’s to lives, from creator to listener, from cosplay to crafts, from videos to illustrations, from novels to manga, from stories to animation – even if you are anywhere around the world -

Vocaloid knows no bounds.

They may not be human. But they are instruments used to tell stories and ideas all throughout the world through words and tunes.