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ID:	15885 I would like to share what I experienced while conducting my research. It was quite a good experience having learned a lot regarding research methods. I had never been into a class that was so focused and willing to learn day by day, not shying from asking questions throughout the process. This class benefited and made me grow as a researcher, and this will be a stepping stone in my career and together with my fellow graduates. I have explained briefly some of the things I saw that might be important while a partaking research paper.
1. Research methods as a requirement
In my opinion, research methods should be a requirement for all graduates. It will act as an eye-opener to all students of what is expected of them in the outside world. The most exciting part is how the professor breaks down every single component in research methods and by doing that helping understand the important bits and components of writing a good research paper successfully.
2. Seek guidance
Conducting research on any given topic is not the easiest thing to do, but under guidance, it becomes very easy. It feels great that you are not left out on your own and being guided all the way to the end by the instructor. The school library system helps a lot by exposing students to a wide range of materials. Personally, I was not comfortable with reading some of these scholarly articles but thanks to taking this class it has been quite easy, so far I have read several books, and they have been helpful.

3. Have patience
I want to give a piece of advice to other students taking research methods, have a lot of patience in researching.
a) Take your time to read lots of materials available to you and always consult your tutors.
b) Take a lot of time researching before you even attempt writing your paper.
c) Go through various abstracts of the articles and make sure they have the information you need before you read the whole article.
d) Start your research as early as possible; this will give you a lot of time to do your research slowly and capture every detail you read.
Writing your college paper requires a lot of attention, and you may find it difficult managing your personal life and researching, you will need all the support you can get.
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