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The type of game leading in the mobile game industry will certainly not lack the huge pool of players and gamers. Case Study Voodoo's Voodoo, a Paris-based game development company, has had many successful games before, such as Quiz Run and Bool, but's success is a breakthrough. In the United States free game list climbed to second place (App Annie).

Two months after its launch, became the most downloaded game in the App Store and successfully held the top five positions in the game category for more than a month. In fact, is in line with some of super casual game.

That is to play

From the click of a game icon to start playing does not take 5 seconds.'s "play" button is designed to be very conspicuous at the start of the interface, allowing the player to enter the game with just one click.

Play method

The game itself is very simple, just like multiplayer, it is also a tribute to the Snake. The game is classic in classics and its success is a touch of the game's history, even the Museum of Modern Art wants to include it in the collection.

From the game screen, the usual style of super casual games is concise, usually with the UI are streamlined, bright colors coupled with simple geometric shapes, with retro style, or simply use minimalist design.

The game screen is a contrasting intense 8-bit style that starts with a 2D grid. The purpose of a snake is to eat longer,'s purpose is to occupy the site, to expand the area, compared to see who the site area.

The game's process is generally 10 seconds to 180 seconds, depending on the player's skills and luck. Lost later in 10 seconds to restart a new round of games.

This is a snake style mobile game where users compete with other players worldwide. If you wanna play, kill other players, conquer space and win all the way to a 100%, is the game you need to test your abilities. Try and win to a hundred percent and see who can beat the best .

I hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions, feel free to join our community on facebook or on google plus - community is always happy to help.