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All parents want their kids to be clever and healthy. Many parents push their children to do exercise and academics as they think these will ensure a strong future for their lovely children.

However, society is developing, human look and thinks something is simple. We have to give children the gift of emotional intellect in order to they experience happiness and emotional stability throughout life. In this post, we will give some steps that you can offer your kids with emotional intellect.

The first way is to act a positive example. Children always observe us constantly and they will learn from how we act in the daily life.

You have to express and show good behaviors that your kids will know, understand with your feelings. Your children will begin to follow and model this behavior after you.
At the age from 2- 3 years old, you should express the importance of responsible. There are many ways to teach about responsibility. After your children have made a mess, you can teach them the importance of picking up and cleaning the room, selecting their own clothes or joining in a fun night with the family.

At an early age, if you teach your kids about responsibility, they will aware themselves in this world. They will understand that they must take responsibilities for their actions. Responsibility will make a more confident child.

The second way is to teach children say "no". This is also an important way to give emotional intellect. However, many parents object this; they said that it is a necessary step in the development of children's emotion. If a kid is taught "no" to ask for things or needs, they will understand and solve impulsive behavior.

Most parents don't want their children experience psychological distress, it is impossible so that they can develop methods of working.

The third way is to learn how to adjust the feelings. You explain about the feelings such as happy, sad, angry, scared ... for children. These feelings are normal for each person. Your kids will learn to adjust and solve the feelings that they are growing into women and men.

Last but not least is to color. In order to boost high level of emotional intellect for children, you must provide them many opportunities to express and show their personal level, creativity and imagination. Coloring is one of the most exciting and the easiest ways of succeeding in this part.

Coloring enhances the emotions, opens up the mind and relieves stress. It is greater if coloring is done in a group, this is the great chance to connect with others. Nowadays, with the development of technology, there are many free coloring pages available online that can download or print out. You and your lovely children should take advantage of those resources.

Praise your kids when they have an emotional advancement. Tell them know that they are great and will grow into a good, emotionally intellectual men and women.

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