Jurassic Dinosaur Hunter 3D Game is one of the most detailed dinosaur hunting game in here to blow your minds. Download for your mobile (or play for free on Dinosaurgames.me website) to go on an exciting ride of Dino hunting in this amazing dinosaur hunter game.

In this game, you enjoy most realistic 3D forest environment, race against time to hunt the dinosaurs or be hunted. A solid shooter game with the most realistic Jurassic setting the world has ever seen, the deadliest creatures unleashed destroying and hunting down everything in their path.

To fight with the dinosaurs you need to find food, place a camp, build a house, defend yourself against attacks of dinosaur and wild animals, improve your weapons and tools. Because of your objective is to survive gathering resources to build weapons, walls, clothes and much more. Hunt and defend yourself from wild animals and beware of other dangerous creatures. You may not be the only human out there. This is a true survival challenge with 3D graphics that explore the true feeling of surviving.

Jurassic Dinosaur Hunter 3D bring you the most authentic Dinosaur hunting experience. With more weapons and the scenes of jurassic worlds. Step up to hunt down the t-Rex, carnivores and many other deadliest and the most aggressive creatures. Play to survive be the hunter or the hunted in the amazing Dino hunter survival game.Download and enjoy!!

Game Features:

- 3D FPS Game, stunning graphics, sound effect and the environment.
- More than 10 kinds of dinosaurs
- The most realistic hunting simulated game
- A variety of weapons
- Switching Perspective

Game Instructions:

- Press your mouse right key to open gunsight
- Press your mouse left key to shoot
- Adjust your sight by using mouse wheel

Craft, collect and survive every day. Good luck! Start playing the game now! We hope you would love this game, enjoy free play new game on Dinosaurgames.me. Thank you for your visit!