At first, you just want to check what other people are saying about your latest post. Or how many have liked it already.

You started right after waking up. "Oh, oh, oh. They love it! " Then continue while having breakfast. "How dare she made a comment like that!" Then you can't help but reply to some comments.

You're still at it while on your way to the office. Need to keep those "likes" coming, right? At the office, though, "Bleh, deadlines can wait. I have to join a group chat OR I'll be their topic."
"It's LUNCH time, already?"

Now you're interested on how your "poor" friend was able to afford a holiday trip. That's while you are heading back home. Your jaw is on the floor now because a friend changed her profile PIC, and she looked gorgeous! "No way! She doesn't look like this in person," Now, you're starting to stalk her account.

"Oh, got to check this link shared by some friends" .

Zzzzzzzz...zzzzzz... zzzzzzzzzz...

(Insert rock music here). That's your cellphone alarming, waking you up.

"Oh, s*#@! I was supposed to do something yesterday. What!? I have a ZIT! Oh yeah, I was so TIRED from work I slept without removing my makeup. Got to take a selfie so they can see this."