Research article:

List of problems and confounders with the "Association of Skipping Breakfast With Cardiovascular and All-Cause Mortality" research paper:
Type Epidemiology (survey based on a recorded interview). There are many confounders in this type of study:
- The data is purely based on what the participants said during the interview
- The memory of participants in remembering the frequency of their breakfast eating
- Those who skipped breakfast tends to have more unhealthy lifestyle associated with smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, poor diet and low income.
- How to define breakfast? Some people may think sitting down and have a proper breakfast is only considered breakfast.
- Psychology effect: the word skipping is like a mistake that should not have done.
Funding May be funded by a breakfast company

Epidemiology study is not solid enough. This study should only be used as a reference and pointer, not the causation on skipping breakfast leads to increased risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease.

Video analysis by Thomas DeLauer: