Short answer

Meditation connects between your mind and body.


Many people are confused by the term meditation. What people know about meditation is to sit down in a lotus pose and stop thinking to clear your mind and get rid of your troubles.

Health factors

Short answer: body and mind

To have a better health, we need to know clearly what are the roots contributing to our health. The roots contributing to our health are our body and mind. What affects the body is the environment, our lifestyle and diet. What affects our mind is our knowledge, concepts and thinking. Our mind and body are interacting with each other through actions, our conscious and subconscious mind.

Meditation role

Meditation links between your body and your mind by allowing you to train your mind to observe your body. To be able to gain control over your body, like having full relaxation and happiness from moment to moment, you need to be able to know your body well enough, which can be achieved through meditation.

A lot of problems especially stress root from our ignorance about our body. Everyday we increase our knowledge through our contacts with the environment using our 6 senses, and we feed our body with food and water. However, we never really carefully observe our body in detail with our mind which leads to confusion when problems arise. And lots of the problems can be solved naturally without medications needed (which may have some unknown side effects) if we understand our body well enough.