Writing a college paper can be challenging for students if it is their first time or even if he or she has done it before. A little practice usually makes the process easier with time. This guide shows steps that can be taken to write an effective and impactful college paper. They include understanding the task at hand, choosing a topic, finding information, making a thesis statement and finally writing the actual paper.
Understanding the Task at Hand
This step might sound obvious but it is important to go through the assignment and understand what is needed. The student should carefully read the assignment and take note of keywords such as discuss, compare, contrast among others. In case the student does not understand it, he or she should ask for clarification from the professor before choosing a topic.
Choosing a Topic
A student should select a topic that interests and challenges him or her. Besides that, it should be one that is manageable. It is important for the student to be engaged in the topic he or she is writing about. The attitude towards the topic may also determine the amount of effort and enthusiasm the writer puts into the assignment. Furthermore, the topic should not be too broad or too narrow.
Finding Information
There are several sources of information but it is important to find those that are reliable. One of the sources is the internet. When surfing the internet for information, one should check the domain name extensions such as .edu or .org among others. Such sites tend to be more reliable when looking for information for academic purposes. In addition to that, the library is another great source of information. It is important to note important bibliographical information to use later when writing the actual paper.
Developing a Thesis
The thesis statement is the writer's point of view about the task at hand and the central point of the college paper. The statement is usually written in the introduction paragraph of the paper. It is not necessary for it to be in just in a single sentence. In certain cases, multiple sentence theses might be more fitting. However, the writer should avoid citing other authors when writing it. Furthermore, the ideas presented should be original and precise. It should not be too vague.
Drafting an Outline
When required to make an outline, the student should follow the guidelines that are required. On the other hand, if it is not required, it is still important to make one since it is a helpful tool when writing the final paper. It helps the student to organize his or her ideas. Moreover, an outline is subject to revision and cancellation as it helps the student to make the key points more clear.
Writing the Actual Paper and Proofreading
After drafting an outline and organizing one's ideas, the next step is writing the college paper. It includes the introduction, body and conclusion. The student should avoid plagiarism because it is not allowed and has serious consequences. The final step is proofreading and editing the paper before handing it in. This step helps the student to correct any mistakes that were made when writing the paper.
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