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Spiderman Homecoming is fast approaching and what makes it even more exciting was that Dr. Otto now in Spidey’s being have made himself a much more super hero Peter have ever wanted to be. Watch out for the New Spiderman with all these coolest gadget galore in him.

Web Wing. Joining other caped super heroes, Spidey was now enabled with a very reliable and useful web wing to help him glide through his enemies.

Laser Targets. Advanced through time, Spidey’s laser targets can absolutely and accurately annihilate his target enemies.

Web Shooter. This is Spidey’s most important gadget included in his arsenal. These web gauntlets releases fluid that instantly stick and solidify into sturdy web that he can utilize in getting through every place and location he wishes to. It can also be his life saver to escape on any threat in performing his duties.

Spiderman GPS Enabled. The Spidey suit was now GPS enabled making sure Spidey is on his track and always safe.

Spiderman Hologram Display. Holographic device were also installed in the suit as added gadget for his missions.

Spiderman Web Glider. Spidey’s web glider will help him keep up with his enemies and greatly improve his agility.

Spiderman Web Cartridges. Spidey now has unlimited web feature he can readily use and conveniently stored in cartridges in his utility belt.

Spiderman Spidey Signal. Another feature of Spidey’s utility belt features signals or homing device that can be used to broadcast and track his location.

Spiderman Spidey-Tracers. These are tiny surveillance or tracking device Spidey can secretly and easily attached for him to monitor his enemies.

Spiderman Spidey Belt Camera. As a freelance photographer, Peter Parker needed to carry his camera every time. Peter decided to upgrade and fix his camera into a sleek one and fit into his utility belt. Once activated, the camera can track his movements and make upfront shots of his image. he can made Spidey his new

Spiderman Spidey Lens. Dr. Otto upgrades Spidey’s intricate visual lens to enable him to better focus and avoid being overwhelmed by his alternating powers.

Spiderman Cryo-Cubes. Thes are tiny yet powerful new devices that will instantly freeze Spidey’s enemies.

Spiderman Thermo-Reactive Foam. The gadget can immediately turned off fires instantly like those thrown on him by his fiery flamed-powered enemies.

Spiderman Spidey-Arsenal. These are extra prehensile appendages that make Spidey a real-like arachnid that can now generate extra appendages on his body.

Spiderman Spider Bots. These are Spidey’s fleet of tiny drones allowing him to monitor and view the entire city helping Dr. Otto attain the best ever Spiderman.
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Released by Sony Pictures, watch the trailer below to have a grip of Spidey’s coolest gadgets.

Official Trailer on YouTube: