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Arrogance is one of those traits that many of us are unknowingly have been doing. In many social media networks and forums , Bullying was but just normal and sad but true has been the practice of many especially those who were new and unfamiliar. I have experienced such kinds especially on forums. I always remind myself about the lessons of this story by the famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. I have written this in one of my personal blogs before and I am sharing this to Fans Chats members to serve as reminder and a wake up call for those who practiced bullying and being arrogant. It's very beautiful and nurturing values can teach us all the value of humility. Hope you will be inspired as I have been inspired by its lessons. And hope you will not fit on any of the emperor's clothes.

Hans Christian Andersen’s short tale on the lesson about humility, innocence, respect, pride and arrogance It is the story of an emperor who was known for his arrogance and wanting all the attention only for him. One day he commissioned the work of his tailors to make him ‘invisible clothes.’ The clothes as per his specification can only be seen by those that are only within his ranks and position, the wealthy, the affluent and those who only adores and of the same high positioned people in the society such as him. The clothes are supposed to be invisible for the stupid and incompetent people in his land. And so his tailors, mimicking that they’ve made a nice suit for him dressed and fit the ‘invisible clothes’ to him. When the emperor asked about how it fit, the tailors had to tell lies that the clothes look perfect on him and it was one of a kind and all the nice things. They told every lie they could so as not to upset the emperor and punish them. The kingdom had known about the emperor’s ‘invisible clothes’ and all are careful not to say something out of the emperor’s crooked tastes to avoid the punishment. One day as he walks within his kingdom, he came across his ministers. His ministers knowing about the ‘invisible clothes’ and the punishment it will bring immediately pretend he was wearing a nice looking clothes though he does not wear anything at all. Satisfied with what he has heard from his ministers, the emperor went out to inspect his kingdom and flaunt his ‘new’ clothes. Though everyone cannot see a thing in his body, all people in the emperor’s kingdom has to pretend he wore the nicest clothes simply to avoid the punishment and be called ignorant and stupid. Then one day a child, so innocent to understand what was going on saw the emperor without the clothes on and blurs out from the crowd telling them that the emperor does not wear anything at all. This initiated the crowd to agree in whispers. Asserting the reality of what the child has told, the emperor continue to walk though almost humiliated. He realized that although he may please and brainwashed people with his false deeds, he can never pollute the mind of an innocent child who speaks nothing only but the truth. Although self-expression and self-promotion maybe ways to boost one’s self-confidence, over exposure and over confidence still has to be within the regular and normal standards of what is good and better. Be mindful of what you flaunt or say, it may hurt other people’s feelings and it may signal an overreaction to things making one cross the bounds of other people’s right and judgement. Respect others to also earn respect. The tallest tree no matter how high shall bend to the howl of the wind.