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The root herb called ginseng.
Ginseng was one of the world’s finest traditional medicines that were very popular among Asians especially in Korea. Best known for its therapeutic benefits, ginseng has been the ancient remedy to boost energy levels of the body and aid in improving one’s memory aptitude. With ginseng’s invigorating properties, it was considered by many as an aphrodisiac to boost one’s libido.
There are many known types of ginseng all over the world. In some classification, it was classified as cool, hot or neutral and some traditional folk belief tagged them as either the yin or yang in the balance of life. Others classify it by colors such as white, red or fresh. But there are three popular known varieties of ginseng listed below.

Popular Types of Ginseng

Asian ginseng or Panax ginseng was more popularly known as Korean ginseng was considered an adaptogenic herb or adaptogens. Chinese folk medicine considered this type of ginseng as a hot stimulant to remedy erectile dysfunction.
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American ginseng or Panax quinquefolius was said to contain ginsenosides found to exhibit both antimicrobial and antifungal cures. The American ginseng was considered by many as a cool ginseng in contrast to the Asian ginseng tagged as ‘hot’.
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Siberian ginseng or Eleutherococcus senticosus was believed to have identical properties like that of the Panax ginseng but belong to a different plant genus classification. The active component of the Siberian ginseng was its eleutherosides that said to stimulate the body’s immune system. But the plant does not contain the ginsenosides often found on the other types of ginseng.
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Vietnamese ginsengor Panax Vietnamensis which was now considered endangered and rare plant species due to excessive harvest and its slow growing property which may take 10 years to mature unlike other species that normally can take 6 years to mature. Due to its rarity, some commercial production have produced mixed or hybrid strains instead to cover the high demand.

The promise remedy to cure human diseases.
Through time, ginseng has been the known remedy even in the ancient time and has been popularly known as a traditional medicine and supplement that can significantly improve vigor and endurance against stress, fatigue, vitality and memory. There has been a continued study that it can likewise treat impotence and erectile dysfunction, menopausal symptoms and conditions, heart diseases, cancer, diabetes hepatitis, and hypertension. While ginseng promises cures for many human diseases and illnesses, medical reports were still being studied and no conclusive assessment was yet to be published.
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