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That's what how to write the greeting of Happy New Year! In the English language, the greeting can be said as: Kung hei fat choi!
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In Chinese astrology, 2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster. Every 12 years the Chinese astrology cycle its 12 signs according to the lunar calendar. It was in the year 2005 the Chinese have celebrated the previous year of the rooster and it will be in the year 2029 it will be celebrated again. But the Rooster that belonged to the Fire element was last celebrated last 1957. This year's celebration was therefore one rare event that most of us will never get to see happening again.
So, what does the mighty peck of the rooster will bring for 2017? According to some Chinese astrologers, the rooster was a game animal and therefore always live action and never boring. A hard worker that never slack and get idled. Due to the Rooster's tireless manner, expect heavy work activity for the year and work 'til you drop! The Rooster will be your buddy through hard work, stay focus and stick to the plan. Isn't it how we see the rooster in every cockfight match? The rooster gets it done through sheer work infusion and punctuality. Expect to peck from dusk to dawn. The astrologers view the transitioning from the year of the monkey to the year of the rooster as something intense and driving. Since monkeys got the intensity and the rooster drives it. Therefore speed is an understatement of the transitioning. Will the force remain 'til the year transitions to the year of the earth dog in the year 2018?

Another Chinese astrologer connects the rooster's fire element as something that will bring brilliance, warmth and passion. They say the year 2017 was a very enterprising year. So brilliant that it will be a year full of expectations,fruitful results and achievements fulfilling dreams into realities for those born under the sign.

For the Chinese, in order to enhance and greatly achieve the chances of good tidings from happening what the year of the Fire Rooster brings, the person born under this sign must:
  • Keep in bond with the family and accord them good fortune and prosperity. You therefore need to be visible in most of your family reunions and gatherings to enhance your good fortune for this year.
  • Bring in some new things and pass or throw away old stuff. You also need to clean the house before the new year to bring in nice positives.
  • Go for red and gold as this year's color to bring in more. But not the red of course since it is not for you as the rooster itself.
  • Call in fortunes inside the house by putting 'chunlian' around your door with a nice pair of poetry written inblack and gold ink on a red paper vertically posted on each side.
  • Red envelopes of money to multiply your fortunes, luck, health and wisdom.
  • Lit up firecrackers to ward off evil spirits.
And for the negatives, you need not do the following:
  • Never use words with negative meanings. Words like death sickness, break and pain will likely bring to you.
  • Don't let the grain barrel goes empty for that will mean starvation. (literally..lols)
  • Do not use sharp and pointed objects for the first 3 days or so of the year. It could only mean cutting off the good fortunes. Do not get a haircut then to mean loosing your luck.
  • Never lend or borrow money. You really need to work out everything huh?
  • Wear only black or white for mourning.
  • The number '4 is deemed bad luck. Loose it. Go 4.5 perhaps?
  • Eat something else on New Year morn other than congee.
  • Never make children cry. (Even on card games...)
  • Do not take medicine or go to the hospital unless your seriously ill.
  • Give no gifts of clocks, shoes, umbrellas, cut flowers or mirrors. Bad luck on all of them.

However, everyone person born under another sign and element may or can be a twist to what the Fire Rooster will peck and crow.

Feel free to comment and join me in the discussion as we welcome the Year of the Fire Rooster!

***Excerpts from Chinese astrologer Laura Lau and Ms. Zhao