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'A purpose driven life...'
That's what my spiritual mentor always tell me. That in order to be happy, I have to find meaning in every endeavor I will be going to pursue. That a purpose is needed to make it meaningful.

Meaningfulness was something I've practiced much of my life. Well, at least that's how I have been driving myself every time. Oh well, most of the time. I have to admit I am human an imperfection is what makes me perfect and whole. So, I believe that's how it should be. Even a circle is never a perfect shape! Whoever says it's perfect is simple a fake! Even Einstein can never define.

Is human really the highest form of specie in this whole wide universe? Our knowledge have crossed boundaries only us humans knew. Can you tell me if another creature other than us humans have told we were really superior? As a human who regard science an interesting subject, I shared Emo Phillips' view that: 'I used to think that the brain was the most wonderful organ in my body. Then I realized who was telling me this.' Now, I realized my brain was just a size of speck of dust on Earth. And like dust, human life is such!

Why then people struggles to reach every ladder and tried to be on top of everything and giving all just to do what everyone is life! That if we fail to live it accordingly, we will be called: 'tsk...tsk...tsk...a human fail! Such a waste!'

I have always taught myself how to feel content and do not try to seek for more. Satiety is something all of us automatically do like how clock works. We do not rest until we're done and through, happy and contented. And like the rest, I sometimes find myself beat and drained physically and emotionally. Yet, we repeat the same routine over and over again. Until when? Just like you, I really have no idea. For me, I follow these 3 guides in order not to be disheartened, frustrated and continue the drive to LIVE LIFE ONE DAY AT A TIME according to what MY ALL can do.

1. Be selfless. 'I live for others and not for myself.' That's how I enjoy doing everything. Sure, I do it for myself but I enjoy doing what's least and last for me. I dunno but I find enjoyment seeing others happy but dislike and ward off abuses and abusers. Even if I am bound to suffer. rejected or take risks, I'll still do it, no...not to delight you but instead make me happy.

2. Be funny and smile. Create fun and jest doing it. Remember that laughter is he best medicine and cure. Being playful and funny instead of being critical and wearing a long face. This is something I am very blessed with. I can find fun or jest in everything. I cannot find any dull moment even in serious and formal occasions. Excuse the pun but I have cracked a joke in my best friend's deathbed making her family hate me for making fun of their dead. When I realized my mistake, I was so embarrassed to even say sorry to them as they treat me with disrespect and have never spoken to me for sometime. But in my heart and as my beloved best fried who died have known me as a bubbly and jester friend, I've felt in my heart it was just okay for her. I'm sure she's laughing at me knowing how I feel.
3. Go natural. The more you fake it, the more you'll be disappointed. Leave the debate to the intellectuals. It's really hard to live by the script you know unless you're one hell of an actor yourself. Just go with the flow and surely you'll find it easy to cope with the rest no matter how difficult the situations are.

Trying to find meaning in this age of reasons may be the ideal way on how to do things. But reality may sometimes not turn to be how you wanted it to be. But it does not mean you fail or is a failure. Definitely not and never! Finding meaning and purpose is not something to be searched when its within your realm ever since. You just need to BE WHO YOU ARE and you will definitely shine even without trying.