What attracts you most to bugs?

Avoid These 5 scents especially this summer to stop the pesky bugs from annoying and biting you!

Summer. Everybody waits for this very special season of the year. It’s that time when vacation and the outdoors calls out for everyone to take a break, have fun and enjoy the best of nature. But summer is also that time where bugs and insects abound due to the much pollen on the air from flower and fruit varieties that blooms and ripen. These bugs and insects were seeking and following to suck their nectars and juices. But little do we know that it’s not only flowers and fruits that bugs and insects likes to follow around. Bugs and insects like to also follow the scents from humans like us. Ever wonder what are in us these bugs and insects like to smell from us? And since the summer scent of flowers also sticks on us as we splash or wear our scents and fragrances, we are also their targets aside from the flowers and fruits they love to get near with and suck or bite us.
Summer is hot and exciting making us sweaty and smelly making us easy targets of bugs and insects tracing us through scents and smells. So, you need to prepare to bust out those pesky creatures off your body and skin. Take for example those pesky biting mosquitos. It is a fact that due to their poor visions, hardly see us. So, what do you think are those things in us humans that bugs like mosquitos like so much about that they follow and can’t help and bit us other than just smelling us? Let me fill you in about those things that made these annoying insects wanted so much in us that can simply ruin your great outdoor adventure this summer.

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1. Flower scents. You need not smell like roses in hot summer days since you may attract certain types of mosquitos. No matter how you love the scent of your rosewater spray, better save it for another season.
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2. Stinky and smelly shoes. Body heat, odor and sweat released by your body and concentrated in your shoes were very attractive to mosquitos. It is best to wear a pair of open or breezy sandals to diffuse the collected smell out into the air.
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3. Smelly socks. Bacteria thrive in moist and filthy socks. It is not only Achilles that love your heels, bugs do too especially if it stinks and smells.
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4. Beer. Remember that beer was an extract of some grains that most insect and bugs enjoying feeding the most. Just like how sugary drinks like lemonade and other fruity soda which were powerful attractants to bugs. Anyway, sugary drinks can only give you diabetes right? So cut on the sugars and drink water instead.
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5. Men. All of us sweat. But bugs, particularly mosquitos are attracted to men simply because men perspire more heavily than women and the smell of sweat attracts most bugs especially mosquitos.

If you really need to smell and put on some scent, better use fragrances that repel bugs like peppermint, citronella or eucalyptus.
There you have it folks!
So now you know what bugs can make crazily follow you.
Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you at all!