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Lady Shin Saimdang in real life was a very honorable woman during her time. During the Joseon dynasty, a woman It was only destined to be a wife and a mother to her children. But this was not what Saimdang have envisioned herself. Saimdang played by actress Lee Young-ae) have enlightened many Koreans about the beauty of Korea’s natural landscapes, the culture and the story of the people behind every stroke in the painting she did. She has been honored not only as an intellectual and wise mother to her children but has opened Korean art to the world.
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Saimdang was Korea’s epitome of the glorious period of Korean art in painting, calligraphy and poetry and become one of the noblest professions around. During the Joseon dynasty, women are considered inferior to men and are bound to play the dutiful roles of a devoted wife and mother. But Saimdang, who was born as the eldest to a couple and has no son, her struggles to release her skills and talent was a no easy task. Many women like Saimdang, despite their talents and skills have to remain under and behind the ruling men during her era yet shines and was significantly recognized because of her pure artistic talent that now connects the past and present talents of Korea.
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The story of the series revolves around the controversies behind the original painting of a mythical legendary painter Lee Gyeom (played by actor Song Seung-heon) that she admired and skillfully copied his painting of Mount Geumgang have crossed international fame and boundaries.

The scene opened during the Renaissance era in 1551 where contemporary art have flourished and saw grandeur. The legendary painter Lee Gyeom (played by actor Song Seung-heon) who probably has travelled all the way from Korea in pursuit to refine his artistic skills was in a village manor in Tuscany, Italy where aristocrats gather and were having a celebration. In one of the rooms of the manor, Lee Gyeom, who seems to be tired and exhausted for not sleeping and not eating properly was busily finishing up the painting of Saimdang as he added final touches on her lips as memories flash from is thoughts and went unconscious. And as the manor maids try to wake him up trough knocks on his door to serve him meals. The seemingly deranged Lee Gyeom suddenly rose and race towards the end of the hall leading to the stairway unto the main hall and shouted insanely to where Italian aristocrats have gathered for a celebration.

Apparently after five hundred years, the famous painting of Mount Geumgang by An Gyeon surfaced. A history of the arts practitioner named Seo Ji-yoon who was about to complete her PhD named Seo Ji-yoon (also played by actress Lee Young-ae as a dual role having played also the character of Lady Shin Saimdang during the Jeoseon era) was assigned her doctorate paper on the art works on the painting of Mount Geumgang by the famous painter An Gyeon .

But a controversy surrounds the artwork when a claim surfaced that the one on exhibit in the museum was a fake and copy and not the authentic one. Ji-yoon was in pursuit to find out the authenticity of the artwork and has gone into thorough research to unravel the truth. But as Ji-yoon dig further into te facts and stories about the artwork, she find herself in dwelling back and forth the Joseon era and the current time finding out the details as if the real Lady Shin Saimdang has been bringing her story back to life.
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Follow and watch how Lady Saimdang unravels the story behind the art that brought Korea into its glorious artistic past in painting, calligraphy and poetry. Saimdang Light's Diary was currently being aired on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday beginning January 26, 2017.
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