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Hwarang, which literally means Flowering Knights emerged during the pre-Joseon dynasty particularly in the ancient Korean kingdom of Silla. It was a group formed out of elite and aristocrat good looking men trained as knights in the so-called state-sponsored ‘hwarang house.’ These young men where were introduced, educated and trained to be well-rounded individuals to be of benefit to the kingdom.
In the TV series, Hwarang, The Poet Warrior Youth involves the story of a lady and the six hwarang knights that will highlight the portrayal of the carefree and fun yet purposeful roles of the hwarangs during the time of ancient Korea.

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Leading the cast was Park Seo-joon playing the role of Moon-myung, a young man with the grandeur ambition to become a legendary hwarang knight despite is lowly beginnings. He later assumes the identity of Kim Sun-Woo when the son of crown prince Kim Hwi Kyung dies.

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The hwarang’s lady physician Kim Ah-ro was played by Go Ara, was a bubbly yet a very blunt woman who works hard with multiple jobs just to support her family in paying off family debts from the loan sharks of that time.

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Park Hyung-sik as Sammaekjong, a young and wary king who secretly enlisted himself as a hwarang in order to gain prestige, skills strength and leadership. He later took the character of Kim Wi-hwa’s impostor nephew, Kim Ji-dwi. He has fallen in love with Kim Ah-ro and will do anything in her favor.
For those who does not like period or historic themed plots, you might find it hard to connect with the characters but just like the modern era brotherhood fraternities, Hwarang is about the joy and delight and belonging to friends and beings who shared the same passion and activities for a common goal was a value to keep and brush away your sorrows and sadness with their youthful ways and antics.