I was never fond of watching neither drama nor any TV series before. In fact, I hardly watched television. If ever, I will watch TV, I would most likely watch news or documentary shows. I actually favored American and British celebrities rather than Asian homegrowns. I am no racist or favored a specific race of celebrities and entertainers, just that I am used watching American and British films especially when my family used to own a video shop. The most Asian films I used to watched were those of Jackie Chan, Samo Hung or Jet Li.

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My drama addiction.
My drama watching habit started when the Philippines was invaded by the sensational hit series, Meteor Garden that launched to stardom the Taiwanese group F4 which consist of Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu. The boys along with Barbie Hsu captured my fanatic heart. I even remember buying their record album and got mad at a friend who borrowed it and never returned it back. I followed every news of them wherever and whenever I can find them. And when I was in Kaoshiung, Taiwan for a job assignment in the year 2002, I remember begging some of my Taiwanese colleagues for a studio visit but it never did push through. Thus, I contained myself just buying items like posters, pictures and other keepsakes and brought them home for friends and families.
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The first Korean TV series I have watched was that of Queen Seondeok starring Lee Yo-won in the year 2010 and my K-Drama watching addiction kickstarted one after the other. Coffee Prince, The Baker King and A Gentleman’s Dignity to name a few. I alternate my drama watching addiction with that of Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean dramas. I admit I am not that of a big fan of Philippine local drama series, simply because I find them ordinary and predictable than other Asian drama series plots.
But my K-drama fascination fixated when almost everybody in the household is watching them. It’s as if no other TV series are being watched other than K-dramas. When in fact, local and cable channels also features other TV series from the rest of the world. When I had my first laptop, I can watch all K-drama and other Asian drama series at my own time and pace. Until now, my day was never complete without watching a few episodes of the latest K-drama series I am following at.

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But why Korean drama?
As I’ve mentioned above, the reason maybe was that the local drama series featured locally was too ordinary and that I can easily predict how the story will end later on. Korean drama became so interesting to me since I got to see and follow fresh and new celebrities other than our local talents. Another reason was cultural diversity. Though some story plots were based on the ordinary family, social or historical life events, but due to the different cultural approach and sometimes values other than what I customarily experiencing locally and the typical American or British storylines, most Asian stories are richly embedded with historic and cultural scenarios that were almost new to me and tickling my fancy. As a keen viewer my mind was filled with added knowledge about other culture, history and lifestyle. And with the advent of technology, I find it really fascinating to connect and relate past and present with a single click and easy research on the internet. I do not need to go to the library nor seek books to understand every detail.
Although the Korean popular culture has invaded my thoughts, my deep critical thinking still favors American and British pop culture. Simply because I was raised and born learning these culture first before my Asian cultural root. I will continue to be a fan of K-drama and K-Pop as long as I can access on them. For me my diverse entertainment indulgence gladly filled my thoughts and my heart.