Ten thousand years ago, Heavenly Father have returned back from chaos the Celestial tribe. The ancient gods also experienced catastrophes and passed away one by one. Within the Celestial tribe, only the Dragon Clan, the Phoenix Clan and the Nine-tailed white Fox Clan have descendants left in the world. They were all respected immortals within the celestial tribe. This is the story of love and adventure of the youngest daughter of Fox King Bai Zhi,who was a courageous celestial disciple and the most beautiful and high immortal goddess - Bai Qian. Click image for larger version  Name:	Three%2BLives%2BThree%2BWorlds%2B20.jpg Views:	1 Size:	33.2 KB ID:	5956

During the celestial war that happened thousands of years ago, the Celestial Tribe needed to seal the heavenly realm in order to bring balance to the Four Seas and Eight Realms from the devastations brought by the Demon Lord, Qing Cang. But the war caused the celestial tribe to lose two of its beloved deities, Bai Qian and Mo Yuan. 70,000 years later, the reawakened Qing Cang attempts to break through from his imprisonment, but the Goddess of Nine tailed fox tribe Bai Qian performs the spells to reseal the demon lord.

Ten Miles of Peach Blossom is the story of three different kind of love who dare challenge against all odds just to fight for the LOVE they have for each other. Let us revolve on the kind of love and times of the following couples The kind of love that never tarnish nor fade even if time nor realms existed or vanish. True LOVE that does not even heed or cease for all eternity.

Ye Hwa & Su su
Lord Dijun & Princess Feng Jiu'er

Ten Miles of Peach Blossom is a Chinese romance fantasy TV series that stars Chinese actress Yang Mi and Taiwanese-Canadian actor Mark Chao. The story is based on the xianxia novel of TangQi GongZi. The TV drama series started airing on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV last January 30, 2017.Original production totals 58 episodes.The series which have garnered over 30 billion views online with grilling hot comments of about 29 million on Sina Weibo, It was ranked number 1 drama in both the Weibo and Baidu's most popular’ lists. We'll be bringing you episode reviews and updates about the story and the TV series. So, follow us and stick around for more. Please feel free to discuss with us on the comments below.

Episode 1: The Seventeenth Disciple
High God Zhe Yan was tasked by his clan(Nine-tailed White Fox Clan) to bring his young and mischievous youngest sister to the Kunlun mountain and train as disciple of the legendary Mo Yuan, the celestial tribe's war of god. But since only men disciples are accepted, Zhe Yan transformed and dressed his youngest sister Bai Qian into a young man named Si Yin. As to the certainty on the revelation of whether Bai Qian's disguise can be discovered, Zhe Yan can only say it depends on luck of the one who can see her.

In order to test the skills of the novice disciples entering Kunlun mountain, Mo Yuan set off a Kunlun mountain magical artifact, the Jade Purity Fan to find a worthy disciple to own it. As the purity fan drifted and fly in all directions, the novice disciples tried to catch and follow it all over the mountain. As they enter the hall of Kunlun and encountered the other disciples who chases the elusive Jade Purity Fan, They entered the hall in time along with another novice disciple who mock Si Yin's appearance as some brat who was a thin and weak fox brought along by a family member to be a disciple of the revered god of war Mo Yuan.
As the elusive Jade Purity Fan passes between them, Zhe Yuan signaled Si Yin to grab it quick. To everyone's amazement, Si Yin reaches out and grab the Jade Purity Fan unto his hand. Mo Yuan appeared in the presence of everyone and welcome them all. he then acknowledge Si Yin as a fellow destined to be one of his disciples. Zhe Yan instructed Si Yin to greet and return the magical artifact to the master of the disciples, Mo Yuan. As the last 2 novices that came introduced themselves, Mo Yuan throw them the question of who will be senior among them. Since both of them cannot answer back, Mo Yuan decided to ask high god Zhe Yuan instead. Si Yin brags and butt in that he does not want to be a junior. Zhe Yan, sensing Si Yin's mischievousness uttered to Mo Yuan that the white fox he brought doesn't seemed to be unreliable, he suggested Mo Yuan to be the junior. As a reaction to Zhe Yan's suggestion to Mo Yuan, Si Yin stood up and resent the idea and point out to everyone that it must not be right to look at seniority as something being youngest or oldest or someone being born last or first.He also threatened not to accept the discipleship should the basis be just about seniority. The other disciples also reacted on how Si Yin protested the rules and look at it as dishonorable to the rules of Kunlun mountain. In ruling, Mo Yuan decided to make Zi Lian as the sixteenth disciple and Si Yin as his seventeenth disciple.

As time passed by,Mo Yuan trained his disciples well. They have also witnessed Mo Yuan's exceptional fighting skills to whoever would like to overthrow and bring chaos into the mountain. Just like how Mo Yuan fought Yao Guang,a fellow warrior from the olden times who have also made Kunlun mountain her place of residence. Although a warrior, Yao Guang being a woman seemed to have gone beyond their being celestial warriors.Now, that Mo Yuan was doting over Si Yin, Yao Guang's fascination with Mo Yuan has gone to the point that she kidnapped and threatened Si Yin to be her own disciple. The latter refused to acknowledge her.

And on Si Yi's birthday after Mo yuan presented him bottles of wine from Zhe Yan's ten mile peach blossom orchard, Yao Guang kidnapped Si Yin and imprisoned him in one of her water dungeons. Si Yin almost drowned had it not for Mo Yuan timely rescue. As a consequence of the heated encounter between Mo Yuan and Yao Guang, a duel was set for the two of them. The two warriors fought leaving the disciples in awe for the exceptional fighting skills of the two celestial warriors. In the end, it was all about severing their tie as former comrades to a mere acquaintance. But Mo yuan's disciples treat the encounter as breaking the heart and cutting off any special affinity between a man and a woman. For Mo Yuan, he was first and foremost the celestial God of War.

Episode 2: The Golden Lotus
While Mo Yuan wanders through the Kunlun mountain's lotus pond, he remembered the time when his father gave him the golden lotus which now reside in it.His father requested him to use his immortal powers to take good care of the lotus until it grows into a human form. And since he made Kunlun mountain his home and those of his disciples,he assigned Si Yin to assist him in taking care of the golden lotus in the Kunlun mountain lotus pond. One day, while Mo Yuan was attending to the golden lotus, Xuan Nu, the visiting daughter of Si Yin's second sister in law who came out of the herb garden noticed and greeted him. Xuan Nu returned immediately to the den of Si Yi who was then serving Mo Yuan's punishment of writing 30,000 copies of the scriptures. The punishment was for Si Yin's being carefree attitude resulting to his being imprisoned at Yao Guang's water dungeon.

When Si Yin and his senior, ninth disciple was wandering near the border of the Ghost realm, they have encountered and fought some ghost warriors by demon lord Qing Cang and was captured by them. Demon Lord Qing Cang was accompanied by Prince Li Jing and Princess Yan Zhi who saw Mo Yuan's disciples. the young princess initially got infatuated by Si Yin's looks not knowing she was a woman and not really a man disciple. Her brother Li Yuan even coaxed her to wait until they got to Ziming palace to ask their father, the Demon Lord Qing Cang to make them her pet. Princess Yan Zhi although delighted, just smiled at her brother. The captured disciples was brought to the Ziming palace of he ghost realm where they have been entertained by their host, Demon Lord Qing Cang. The Ghost lord even offered adopting Ling Yu (ninth disciple) to the ghost clan and marry the ladies in the ghost realm.

Episode 3: The Bell of the East Emperor
As the tension between the ghost tribe and the other celestial tribes grew. the Demon Lord continue to refuse and return favors even from the Heavenly Lord. This lead them to think that the Demon Lord might soon rebel against the celestial tribes and bring disaster to the four seas. But Lord Dong Hua was not worried citing the skills of Mo Yuan. However , Heavenly Lord was most worried about the Bell of the East Emperor that can destroy heaven and earth which was in the hands of Demon Lord Qing Cang. Lord Dong Hua instead pacify them that since its high god Mo Yuan who design and made the Bell of the East Emperor, he is confident that Mo Yuan will be able to handle it well.
Having that soft spot, Princess Yan Zhi helped Si Yin escaped but during the struggle, Si Yin ended in the bath where Li Jing and his harem were. Sensing a strange feeling, the drunken Li Jing tried to corner Si Yin to reveal herself until both of them fell in the lagoon. Being in the Ghost realm, all of Si Yin's immortal powers were gone. Almost drowned, si Yin hold on to Li Jing for air under the water. When the ghost guards that were hunting down Si Yin passed over, he immediately surfaced for some air. Si Yin sat side by side with Li Jing in one corner of the lagoon as e tries to dry his clothes. As Si Yin tries to flee, Li Jing got a hold on him as they almost embrace each other. Si Yin was held and imprisoned in a hut. Puzzled byhis strange emotion over Si Yin, Li Jing kept on thinking about his encounters with Si Yin and barged inside the hut where he was being held. Li Jing tried to force a kiss with Si Yin who struggled so much.
Mo Yuan found out what happened to his two disciples when the Demon Lord Qin Cang sent out the invitation to adopt as god son the disciples they have captured in the ghost realm. In order to see ninth discipe, Si Yin needed to sway Li Jing to allow him t see his co-disciple. As they talk over, his older brother, Li Yuan came. In order to hide Si Yin from him, Li Jing, grab on S Yin and lie him on the cottage bench. The scene made Li Yuan to utter the act as preposterous. After Li Yuan left, Li Jing urged Si Yin to reveal real her real self to him as he told Si Yin the reason for sending out the invitation was to lure over Mo Yuan to Ziming palace and humiliate Kunlun. He alsoSi Yin not to worry and just wait quietly as he make a way to get him out of Ziming for the sake of friendship. To show his sincerity, he requested Si Yin to write down a message to ninth disciple and that he will bring the message himself to ease her worry. Li Jing then talk to his sister Princess Yan Zhi that if they send Si Yin away, there might not be a chance for her to see Si Yin ever again. Although Princess Yan Zhi have that fondness over Si Yin thinking he was a man, she however was resolved that as someone associated with the ghost tribe, she cannot associate herself with anybody from the celestial tribe. A matter agreable to Li Jing for the sake of peace to reign. That night, Si Yin tried to come to Mo Yuan's dreamto warn him about the plot scheming in the ghost realm. Li Jing have already been head over heels with Si Yin which he now fondly calls as A-Yin. He again barged in the hut thinking to hug and own her as he told her he likes her. Si yin fought hard to break free.
Back at the Kunlun mountain, the disciples are threatening to attack and rescue their co-disciples held at the grand Ziming palace but Mo Yuan told them to back off for he will be enough to rescue them. He instead instructed them to summon Die Fang to seal entry and exit of Kunlun mountain after he left for Ziming palace. Mo Yuan appeared first to Si yin and they both went to rescue ninth on his cell. But as they are going back, Qing Cang and his men appeared. The two agreed for a duel to spare the warriors in between them. But during their fight, Li Jing sudenly barge in to help Mo Yuan subdue his father. He shouted to Si Yin to run for his father has the Bell of East Emperor. Mo Yuan took the opportunity and took his disciples away from the grand Ziming palace. Qing Cang was left and Li Jing taking the blame and fury from his father. Qing Cang ordered Li Jing to be locked up.
Upon reaching Kunlun mountain, Mo Yuan confine Si Yin inside a cave and took the three lightning bolts as heavenly trial punishment for Si Yin while the golden lotus glow in the pond.
While Si Yin fall unconscious, she later wakes up with Mo Yuan already in seclusion. She got a scolding from her senior about the lessons of what Mo Yuan have undergone for her. She must now develop her skills properly ascend as an immortal and avoid the occurrence of what has happened to Mo Yuan taking all the punishment. Mo Yuan ave already anticipated that the disciples will be no match for the ghost tribe with him in seclusion thus he ordered Kunlun mountain sealed. She rushed to the cave where Mo Yuan was in seclusion and wept urging her mater to come out sooner and promising she will make herself in a soup for him. Hearing what she uttered made Mo Yuan smiled for her childish ways. And the golden lotus continue to beam in the pond. Meanwhile, In spite of being a dumb fox, Mo Yuan's spirit was around Si Yin telling that her master's injuries were severe and that his spiritual balance will be thrown into disorder if she keeps on crying.

Meanwhile Princess Yan Zhi helped Li Jing freed from his cell. Li Jing planned to hide in the mortal realm until his father's anger subsides. Princess Yan Zhi bid farewell to his brother as he instructed to say ello to Si Yin in cas they meet in the mortal realm. But Li Jing head to Kunlun mountain instead of the mortal realm to see and be with A-yin who have grown fonder in his heart ever since their romantic encounter back in the grand Ziming palace.
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Episode 4: Li Jing & A -Yin

When Li Jing go against his father's whim and defended instead the one he truly love, not only does his mind and spirit was set in favor of the immortals, his mind, spirit and most of all his HEART goes with the one he truly LOVE...an immortal, a Kunlun mountain disciple, a woman he dearly calls...A-Yin.

Li Jing's heart cannot be deceived by a mere immortal dressed as a man but carries a warm and throbbing heart of a woman. H soon found himself following his heart deep into a place forbidden by his ghostly spirit. But no matter what, no amount of his ghostly spirit can kill the fire burning in is heart only for A-Yin. He dared entered an unfamiliar zone that his very life can be put in great risk. He only sees not a difficult and treacherous path but a woman he desires with all his life and might. A woman worth fulfilling the wholeness of his heart that no one else can fill. An eternal heart that breathes only ETERNAL LOVE.

Episode 5: The traitor.
Xuan Nu's obsession of taking over the look she can take advantage to her benefit and could make her dream to break free from her parent's whim of marrying a bear according to their desire. The convenience of having the look of Si Yin and her great resemblance to Bai Qin's of Qin Qui will be that great advantage she have on her mind. The look of Si Yin to sway over Li Jing and marry her into the ghost realm and the look of Bai Qin as a revered royalty of the Nine-Tailed White Fox Clan all comes to convenience. Although Si Yin have advised ahead that having such magical privilege can result into a karma later on if it will be used in the rightful way, Xuan Nu paid no heed and was overwhelmed by what it will gain her most. She initially took on the looks of Si Yin and gain Li Jing's attention and the interest of the ghost realm to have someone from Kunlun to humiliate Mo Yuan. Si Yin was able to witness her act of seduction after Si Yin's senior ninth saw her plan who informed her immediately. In order to please Li Jing's father, the Demon Lord Qin Cang, she concocted a bait that she can give the breach to Mo Yuan's battle formations. But Qin Cang was overly mischievous than her thoughts and instead have her suffered to be the humiliation Qin Cang awaits to offer to Mo Yuan after her wedding with Li Jing. She was left unconscious by the ghost tribe and almost dying by the entrance of Kunlun mountain.

Episode 6: The battle that Gives 700,000 years of Peace
Mo Yuan brought Ling Yu(9th) and Si Yin(17th) to the war room meeting with Yao Guang and the three heavenly princes of the celestial palace. Mo Yuan have been briefing them about the war formations. Although the 2 disciples senses danger, Mo Yuan still kept his calm and told them the heavenly princes are there just for the experience since they haven't been to war in their lifetime. This deception tactic has been Mo Yuan's way for everyone to keep sobriety and focus and aid to attain clear thoughts and minds. A discipline he attained in going in and out of seclusion and for the purpose of giving great peace and balance to everything including the war that will be going to happen between the celestial tribes against the ghost tribe. For Mo Yuan, panic has no space in gaining lasting peace even if the battle could mean the risks behind the use of the Bell of the East Emperor. But Qin Cang in all is powers did intend to change heaven and earth and have its new ruler. He released the bell to do the unthinkable but Mo Yuan,as the one who made thee bell, knows exactly what to do. As Qin Cang battles with Mo Yuan in gaining control of the bell, he overlooked Mo Yuan's moves was to seal the Demon lord inside it and seal it with his own soul. By doing such act, Mo Yuan will perished with his own life and his soul scattered in all directions to seal the bell.

Episode 7: The blood from the heart that made a heart live on.
As the Bell of East Emperor was sealed with the soul of Qin Cang in it, the body of Mo Yuan look upon Si Yin as he uttered 'Wait for me.' as the bell engulf his spirits. Mo Yuan's lifeless body fell on Si Yin's lap and cradle to grieve for him. At the same time in the Kunlun mountain lotus pond, the golden lotus lost its shine, withered and died.
With the help of his older brothers, Si Yin was able to lie Mo Yuan's body in a cave. Although Zhe Yan's expertise in healing the body can no longer be of use since Mo Yuan's souls have been scattered, Si Yin was determined to preserve Mo Yuan's body. All of them are trying t hold unto Mo Yuan's last words that he will someday come back and all they need to do was wait. Meanwhile, the golden lotus that withered and died on Kunlun's lotus pond glittered anew as if Mo Yuan's soul seemed to enshrined in it.
In order to preserve Mo Yuan's body, Si Yin gave the ultimate sacrifice she knew. Si Yin struck and extracted blood from her own heart and regularly feed Mo Yuan's body with it. Hence, their body and spirit intertwine and rely with each other.

Episode 19- Ye Hwa embarked on a battle with the Mermaid clan to bring order to the celestial tribe. It was his foremost duty as Crown Prince and heir apparent of the celestial palace. He needed to bear the pain of leaving Su su all alone in the hut where she lives at Mount Junji. It was just only a few days when she and Su su married each other and vowed to live as husband and wife in front of the Lakes of the Far East. She left Su su a copper mirror where she can talk with him if ever she wishes to and he will try to respond hard if his duties will allow him. So they talked from time to time through the copper mirror they both have with each other. Unfortunately, the battle was really that difficult and Ye Hwa have sustained deep wounds all over his body.
But Ye Hwa' wounds and Su su's hardships of bearing the loneliness alone without the husband she vowed to keep for all eternity were nothing that both of them cannot weather through because of the everlasting LOVE they have for each other.Meanwhile, Su su was to bear the fear alone with all the bolts of lightnings happening as far as the areas near the hut in Mount Junji where she used to live where Ye Hwa told her to stay and await his return.
During the battle, Ye Hwa have dropped his copper mirror when the Mermaid king tried to would him by the blade of his weapon. It was Su Jin who picked up the copper mirror whe Ye Hwa dropped it during the battle. She purposely came with Ye Hwa along with the celestial soldiers to battle with the mermaid clan. Hearing Su su's voice through the copper mirror, Su Jin was able to traced Su su and found her at the wooden bridge near the hut in Mount Junji.
The next thing that follows was that Su su found herself in the main hall of the celestial palace before the presence of the Heavenly Emperor who interrogated her and puzzled how a mortal like her happen to know about the Crown Prince of the immortals. Though unbelievable it may seem, Su su soon realized she was facing no ordinary being and that the place was the heavenly kingdom of the immortals. The Emperor decided to confine her into the Evil Sealing Pagoda. She was saved by the Consort Le Xu, Ye Hwa's mother who told the Emperor she was indeed carrying Ye Hwa's child and begged His Majesty to carry out Su su's punishment once she has given birth and likewise offer herself to take the punishment instead. Even the Second Prince and Ye Hwa's father who have witnessed the happening also begged to the Emperor to take the punishment on her behalf. Subsided by the pleas, the Heavenly Emperor ordered instead to confine and guard Su su to the vacant Zhaohua Palace until Ye Hwa arrives.
Meanwhile at the Ziming Palace of the Ghost Realm, Ghost Lord Li Jing was told by his queen that she was having his child.
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​Episode 20- The Heavenly Lord discovered Ye Hwa and Su su's affair and immediately brought Su su to the celestial palace especially after learning she was carrying Ye Hwa's child. Despite Ye Hwa's success in the battle with the Mermaid clan, the Heavenly Lord was not at pleased seeing Ye Hwa's success was done with poor and less tactics with him being almost lost his life through the deep wounds he suffered. The Emperor sense it was because of Ye Hwa's relationship with Su su that created those ripples on his son's supposedly flawless fighting performances.

Episode 21- After battling the soul slayer enshrined in the Mermaid Clan, Ye Hwa sustained deep injuries all ove is body, In order to heal the wounds, he found himself submerging his body for days in the Lord of Numinous Treasure's Heaven Spring to heal the wounds. But despite his return to the celestial palace, he prevented himself from going to the Hall of Beautiful Youth where his beloved Su su was staying and only placed trusted maids to accompany her. Ye Hwa needed to bear the torment, suppress and control his affection in order to protect Su su from any kinds of harm and trials inside the celestial palace.