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  • Rare, Epic and Legendary Cards

    I really like playing this game! I can’t stop looking for a way to get rare, epic or legendary cards for this game.

    So here it is, If you like to get more chance of winning in getting those best card, We have to try and try all the possible ways like getting it from a reward. One way is to watch an ad, there will be a prize or a reward, it is not guaranteed but maybe it is worth it!

    And you know what? For every stage we play from those chapter has a higher chances of getting those Rare and Legendary Cards. Every time you win, an extra card will be unlocked!

    Oh! And sometimes I also used my coins in buying cards and see who or what will I've got!

    I really enjoy the game, the promos are fair enough to earn items that can unlock cards, do an upgrade and to create combos. Overall it is fun! My favorite game so far.
Animation Throwdown

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Animation Throwdown game forum for discussion. Also known as: Animation Throwdown: TQFC (The Quest for Cards). Animation Throwdown is available on Android and iOS for Free. Animation Throwdown release date is on 2016-09-14 (U.S. App Store), an entertainment game developed and published by Kongregate, with storage requirement of 362 MB. Animation Throwdown features Your Favorite Shows! Unlock Epic Characters! Unleash New Abilities! A World of Adventure!
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