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Play Battle Bay Game by Rovio Entertainment Ltd (iOS / Android) Review

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  • Play Battle Bay Game by Rovio Entertainment Ltd (iOS / Android) Review

    This topic is to share & list all Battle Bay official sites to play the game, as well as related useful sites & information.

    Here is the official Apple iTunes link for you to download and play Battle Bay on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), by Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
    - App Store (U.S.): Download & Play Battle Bay on iOS devices

    More on Battle Bay game official sites:
    - Battle Bay on Android Google Play Store

    - Battle Bay on Rovio Official Website

    - Battle Bay on Official Facebook Page

    - Battle Bay on Official Twitter

    - Battle Bay Fan Club Forum for Discussion

    - Official Email Support Contact: [email protected]

    Watch Battle Bay Official Gameplay Trailer on YouTube:

    Here are the (Game Developer) Rovio Entertainment Ltd official sites and support for Battle Bay:
    - http://www.rovio.com
    - http://www.rovio.com/support

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    - List of all games developed by Rovio Entertainment Ltd on iTunes App Store
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    Below are the screenshots & features for Battle Bay game on mobile:

    Screenshot 1: Real-Time Multiplayer Battles!

    Screenshot 2: Battle and Chat with Friends!

    Screenshot 3: Upgrade Your Ships! - Shooter, level 1, level 2, level 3.

    Screenshot 4: Collect an Arsenal of Weapons! - Blast Cannon, Big Torpedo, Railgun, Missile, Sniper Cannon, Flare Gun.

    Screenshot 5: Discover and Master New Arenas!

    Battle Bay release date is on 2017-05-03, a Rovio Entertainment Ltd action game which you can download and play on mobile for Free, with storage space requirement of 484 MB. Top sellers in Battle Bay game are basic pack of pearls, small pack of pearls & pearl diver package.

    If you found other related official websites for this Battle Bay game besides iOS like android apk, google play store, FB, Twitter, wiki, or other sites to download & play Battle Bay, share with us in the replies below.

    You can also write your own description & review for this Battle Bay game and share with us in the replies below.

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    This is really fun and the graphics are quite nice as well. Multiplayer is very competitive and the gameplay itself is quite addicting. It reminds me of many PlayStation multiplayer games, but this one is online and mobile. It is quite intensive though, so some device can't even hope to play it.


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      Unlike previous games, there are no birds.

      Despite the lack of birds, fun does not stop: real-time multiplayer battle. This time, instead of a bird, you have to choose a boat with a few weapons to toss and then strike your opponents. Battle Bay is similar to MOBA, according to Rovio, as players can associate with larger teams and thus fight against others.

      There are several different vessels to choose from, all of them have some special features. For example, Enforcer can cause great damage, while Defender is almost indestructible. Vessels can be customized with guns, shields and objects as well as objects themselves.

      It is a very fun game with a very good gameplay, I can only recommend it to everyone.


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        This game is somewhat similar to The Cloud Pirates. Has any one played that game?


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          Yes, you are right. I played it is also a very good game. There are differences between the two games (water / air), but are essentially similar to Battle Bay. There are many types of ships with many weapons and development.


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            I just started to play this game and I'm now attached to this game! I played alone for several hours in the starting and then join my friend to play together now! My favorite ship for now is Defender as it has tooons of HP, and my favorite weapon is sniper cannon : ) Thanks Rovio for making such an amazing game!!!
            Last edited by Kim Sun; 05-05-2017, 07:45 PM.


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              I am playing this game right now and all i can say is this game rocks! The graphics is very good and the game is very smooth. Since i am just playing this game for hours i totally had a hard time controlling my ship and aiming to enemies, but as you keep on playing you will get used to it. With a full control of your ship and proper aiming to the enemies and staying at the objective to capture you will totally dominate this game and of course proper weapons and ship. But also you need to communicate with your friends on how to defeat the unfriends.

              If you are looking for a competitive multiplayer game and want to play with your friends. This is the best game for you, totally worth the time. Thumbs up again to all the developers of Battle Bay. Keep developing cool games guys!
              Last edited by kjsiador; 05-07-2017, 02:56 PM.


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