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    One of the main key features in Dungeon Delivery to make this simple delivering potions game interesting is the Relic system. There are total 3 slots of relics where your character can choose and equip with different relics found in the game. Each of the relic has special abilities and benefits, and you can upgrade each of the relics after you have successfully collected enough the corresponding relic fragments, along with some gold as well.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 6.00.35 PM.png Views:	1 Size:	279.7 KB ID:	12047
    List of All Relics in Dungeon Delivery (click on each of the relic listed below for more info and image):

    Tyche Relic:
    - Able to Acquire Additional Material.
    - Increases the number of rewards by 1 with a 35% chance if the delivery was successful.
    - Only activates in the Delivery Mode.

    Gaia Relic:
    - Collision Damage!
    - A robe that reduces pain. Decreases the collision damage inflicted from the monster by 12% (level 2).

    Hercules Relic:
    - Increases HP.
    - An armor with soul of a warrior. Increases HP by 15%.

    Hermes Relic:
    - Increases Speed.
    - Increases the speed by 6% (level 3) and you will feel light like a feather.

    Currently I've only unlocked 4 relics in Dungeon Delivery. If you have more relics, please Share with us!
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Dungeon Delivery game forum for discussion. Dungeon Delivery is available on Android and iOS for Free. Dungeon Delivery release date is on 2017-04-20 (U.S. App Store), a role playing game developed and published by Com2uS Corp., with storage requirement of 260 MB. Dungeon Delivery features A potion delivering arcade game that you've never seen before! A Thrilling Gameplay! Run away from the monsters and deliver the potion! Survive from the dangerous dungeons and collect mysterious relics! Anyone Order a Potion? Let's head to the dungeon to meet the warriors! An adventurous story of a Shopkeeper who delivers potions and runs a Weapon Shop!
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