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Dungeon Delivery. Part 1- Missions.

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  • Dungeon Delivery. Part 1- Missions.

    I am through with all the missions in part 1- The Forest Dungeon And here are the missions which you have to go through.

    Mission 1 : Paan - You have to go and deliver your potion to Pan and as a reward for the mission's completion you get a "Ore". This mission is quite easy and its just for you to get hang of the game.
    Mission 2 : Devan's forest - You have to go and deliver your potions to Devan and as a reward you get "Log" after completing this mission. Things start to get interesting from now on.
    Mission 3 : Ruud's forest - You have to go and deliver your potions to Ruud and you get a "Cotton' as a reward after completing this mission.
    Mission 4 : Hazbath's forest - You have to go and deliver your potions to Hazbath and you get "Rawhide" after you complete the mission. In this mission the creatures start to patrol on different paths.
    Mission 5 : Dina's forest - You have to go and deliver your potions to Dina and you get a "Spider's web bundle" as a reward. This mission is tacky.

    And with this you complete the First set of missions in part One quest.
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Dungeon Delivery game forum for discussion. Dungeon Delivery is available on Android and iOS for Free. Dungeon Delivery release date is on 2017-04-20 (U.S. App Store), a role playing game developed and published by Com2uS Corp., with storage requirement of 260 MB. Dungeon Delivery features A potion delivering arcade game that you've never seen before! A Thrilling Gameplay! Run away from the monsters and deliver the potion! Survive from the dangerous dungeons and collect mysterious relics! Anyone Order a Potion? Let's head to the dungeon to meet the warriors! An adventurous story of a Shopkeeper who delivers potions and runs a Weapon Shop!
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