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    Dungeon Delivery is a very simple yet fun game. I enjoyed the graphics and the navigation, very easy to follow. If you want to complete or deliver more potions you need to be careful on your step. One wrong move can be a deduction on your health and might be the reason for you to unsuccessfully deliver the potion, so you have no choice but to restart the stage.

    Once you successfully deliver your deed, it is rewarding that you'll get items that you can use to craft. Those crafted items, you can sell them or accomplished a certain task. And to tell you honestly this game is becoming addictive, I am getting frustrated when I cannot finish one stage because of the monsters running very fast, guess I need to upgrade my HP more. Will post some tips on how to level up.

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    Got stuck with dungeon 4, but after wasting 15 potions finally found my way out. Just a tip if you found the monsters running fast you can also run faster by tapping twice on your screen without damaging your health. Just got a relic Hercules an armor to increase HP by 15%. Will post more, once I passed dungeon 5


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    Dungeon Delivery game forum for discussion. Dungeon Delivery is available on Android and iOS for Free. Dungeon Delivery release date is on 2017-04-20 (U.S. App Store), a role playing game developed and published by Com2uS Corp., with storage requirement of 260 MB. Dungeon Delivery features A potion delivering arcade game that you've never seen before! A Thrilling Gameplay! Run away from the monsters and deliver the potion! Survive from the dangerous dungeons and collect mysterious relics! Anyone Order a Potion? Let's head to the dungeon to meet the warriors! An adventurous story of a Shopkeeper who delivers potions and runs a Weapon Shop!
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