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level 18 Tips to win

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  • level 18 Tips to win

    Hi! the level 18 is quite hard since I'm not yet done upgrading my troops cause it needs more gems..

    I tried many times to win the battles.. and finally I won!!

    SO the opponent's troops are level 3 knights and level 2 giants.. Yup! that was tough.. since mine was still on level 1.
    Since the knights are difficult to kill since they are roaming around and placing some troops on Melee Section would be useless .. Instead use the musketeer.. from the Ranged Section.
    But!! Never placed it on the Center..
    Place them at the side.. scatter them.. so it would be more difficult for the opponent's knights to kill them..

    Then.. Place some destruction at the center that would be difficult to kill.. like some giants or war elephants.. So that all the opponent's troops will attack the center first while the Musketeer is starting to kill those knights one by one...

    Hope this would help you..

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