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  • KAMI 2 Game Review

    Below are the customer reviews for this KAMI 2 game on the official itunes apple app store.

    Gamer 1 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
    Awesome game! Loving it!❀✌🏽

    Gamer 2 review: (rating 3/5 stars) - Hints
    Stop pestering me for hints when I'm stuck. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing the "need a hint" thing pop up every 2 resets. I'm already mad about the puzzle. Don't add insult to injury. I know where the hint button is and how to use it.

    Gamer 3 review: (rating 3/5 stars) - It
    Won't let me do the daily challenge because I'm "internet connection" is not working......it's fine. It's the game. But other than that it's great.

    Gamer 4 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - just awesome!

    Gamer 5 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - πŸ‘πŸΏ

    Gamer 6 review: (rating 4/5 stars) - Pretty good

    Gamer 7 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Perfect
    Super innovative and creative and extraordinary game

    Gamer 8 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Beautiful
    I loved Kami 1, and this gorgeous sequel brings with it the ability to create your own puzzles. Like its predecessor, it's hard to put down once you've started playing. Highly recommended.

    Gamer 9 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Awesome

    Gamer 10 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - best game ever
    seriously its graphics and the mibd behind it is just genius and im enjoying it so much right now!

    Gamer 11 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Best IPhone App
    Never write reviews, ever. This games deserves much more then a review. Needs to be best top free game !!! Can't believe it's free !! AMAZING LOVE IT !

    Gamer 12 review: (rating 4/5 stars) - Nice game!

    Gamer 13 review: (rating 4/5 stars) - Fun like version 1 but needs work
    Only the Journey mode works consistently for me (which works very well indeed), but when trying the daily puzzle or create your own puzzle mode the game times out connecting. This has the potential to be much better than the original Kami and that is saying a lot!

    Gamer 14 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Gorgeous
    The design is absolutely beautiful, the gameplay is relaxing yet challenging, and it's very satisfying to watch as colors unfurl across the screen with every touch.

    Gamer 15 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Quite Soothing
    I am enjoying the puzzles. The visuals and sounds are also very relaxing.

    Gamer 16 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Fun and relaxing
    It's a simple but fun puzzle game with a sort of stop motion flair on the animation that's just so oddly satisfying

    Gamer 17 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - If it worked, I might like it.
    Downloaded it. Made it through the tutorial. Nothing else will load or open. I am to "check my network settings and update then reload". Neither were the problem.
    It may be beautiful, but if I can't play it then it's just taking up space.
    Waste of memory.

    Gamer 18 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - nice
    thank you... been waiting for years

    Gamer 19 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Awesome
    Glad to see Kami back, one of my all time favorites. Love this game, it's quite challenging and relaxing!

    Gamer 20 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Amazing
    I love it

    Gamer 21 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Awesome game!!!!!
    Best mind teaser!!! Food for Brain..

    Gamer 22 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Great Game
    Challenging but fun to play.

    Gamer 23 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - EAMN12
    I love it!!

    Gamer 24 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Love it!

    Gamer 25 review: (rating 4/5 stars) - Beautiful puzzler
    It is much like the game Color Zen from 2013 just with better animations.. I really enjoy this type of game.

    Gamer 26 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - I can dig it.
    It's fun and moderately challenging. There's no way this isn't good for your brain.

    Gamer 27 review: (rating 2/5 stars) - Buggy
    The only game mode that works is "Journey." Even with a confirmed, working internet connection, the app tells me that it can not connect for "Daily" mode.

    Gamer 28 review: (rating 4/5 stars) - Calming and relaxing game, but.....
    I really like the game, but the paper folding itself reminds me of bugs and makes my skin crawl. Work on that part, and the game will get Way Better!!

    Gamer 29 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Excellent
    Hooked immediately

    Gamer 30 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Amazing game
    Can't stop playing it.

    Gamer 31 review: (rating 4/5 stars) - Great puzzle game
    I really like this puzzle game. I played the first one so I was happy when I saw this one in the App Store. However the daily puzzle and the build mode both don't work. And when I bought hint it kept giving me the same hint that I got from my free one so now I'm out 3 hints that I paid for.

    Gamer 32 review: (rating 4/5 stars) - Love it
    Im only at lvl 20 in story mode havent tested anything else and can tell it will be good. Just the money thing i dont like. Is there any way you can give us hints if we watch ads? Maybe the limit can just be 2 hints each puzzle from ads but i can see a lot of money going into your pockets if you do that. Otherwise people can get stuck and wont pay and will just quit.

    Gamer 33 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Enjoyable & Relaxing Puzzle game!
    Cool and well done

    Gamer 34 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - I never write reviews...
    This game is brilliant. Get it.

    Gamer 35 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Fun good game idea
    Fun and fun but it does have to do with all of my games

    Gamer 36 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Simple interface, calming audio, and a great challenge further into the game
    Fantastic game.

    Gamer 37 review: (rating 4/5 stars) - New and Odd Puzzle Game
    Everything about this game, from aesthetics, to music, to overall production quality, execution of an amazing idea into a game, and most important in a puzzle game, its puzzles, are so wonderfully well thought out and performed. The only negatives I have to say about it are that I can't make the online functionality (daily puzzles and puzzle building for a community) work. But the core gameplay is highly
    Engaging and immersive. I'm in love with it as a single player game, and I wish that I could use the online bits to try out what puzzles other players can dream up, but nonetheless, it's amazing.

    Gamer 38 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - i love this ☺️
    stunning visuals, clever levels, and absolutely wonderful!

    Gamer 39 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - 5/5
    Simple yet interesting game that really makes you think. Love it.

    Gamer 40 review: (rating 4/5 stars) - Challenging
    Really makes you think and I like that in a game

    Gamer 41 review: (rating 3/5 stars) - Nice Game
    Love the game play. However, the daily puzzle will not load. It keeps saying it cannot connect and suggests I check my internet connection or try updating and restarting the game. It does this on my iPhone 7+ and my iPad. Both are running iOS 10.3.

    Gamer 42 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Brilliant game
    excellent must have game nice graphics...

    Gamer 43 review: (rating 4/5 stars) - Relaxing and thought provoking!
    I love this game, the colors and sounds are peaceful, and it definitely makes you think! The only thing I would change is maybe speeding up the color changing process and the final move on each round. Only because I want to hurry up and get to the next one

    Gamer 44 review: (rating 4/5 stars) - Pretty and fun.
    I am just starting and enjoying so far.

    Gamer 45 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Fun, addicting puzzle game
    Really enjoy this game and the graphics are great!

    Gamer 46 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Beautiful and solid puzzle game
    I have not played a game like this in a long time. Simple premise challenging puzzles.

    Gamer 47 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Awesome!
    Challenging, entertaining, and different from anything else out there. Best I've played in a while.

    Gamer 48 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Excelente
    Un juego envidiable

    Gamer 49 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Simple Challenging Fun

    Gamer 50 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Love It!

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    Yet another puzzle game that seems easy at first, but on the later levels it kinda make your brain melt. But that's just me... I generally suck at puzzle games. Lol.


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