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  • Is this really a Game

    I thought this was also the same with other action games.. I download it to try since the graphics was good and I really expected that.. I'm gonna control the chuck Norris in fighting the bad guys but I was wrong.. I really don't understand.. the character fight all by himself!!! And what's the purpose of those fight moves you got their if he can kill those bad guys BY HIMSELF.. and it even state their He fight while I'm away.. and ask me if he's gonna tell me if he encounter a BOSS.. I really don't get the goal of this game.. I guess the player just gonna watch how awesome Chuck Norris fight those villains..

    what do you think? comment below

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    Hahaha me too! I just downloaded and tried out this game yesterday, and all you have to do is press the skills and upgrade equipment, all others are automated! And the game replayability is very high as you will have to reincarnate and reincarnate your character again to start over from first stage but with extra permanent talent upgrades!

    Nice graphics and effects btw, which attracted me a lot!

    Well, I would say it's a kind of new gameplay, and I think it's made for Asian people (if you have played Asian RPG game before, it's similar).


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