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  • Open Rift Guide and Tips!

    How many times have you open rift and do you know when is the best time to open rift? Well, for me, I try my best to beat the next toughest milestone as the upgrade tokens or medals will increase by X times multiplier if you have achieved certain milestones!

    Here are the milestones for Open Rift!

    Stage 21: Tokens 1x + Cforce Water 1x
    Stage 30: Tokens 1.5x + Treasure Box 1x
    Stage 60: Tokens 2.5x + Cforce Water 1x
    Stage 90: Tokens 3.5x + Treasure Box 1x
    Stage 120: Tokens 5.0x + Cforce Water 1x
    Stage 150: Tokens 7.5x + Treasure Box 1x
    Stage 180: Tokens 10.0x + Cforce Water 1x
    Stage 210: Tokens 12.5x + Treasure Box 1x
    Stage 240: Tokens 15.0x + Cforce Water 1x
    Stage 270: Tokens 17.5x + Treasure Box 1x
    Stage 300: Tokens 20.0x + Cforce Water 1x
    Stage 330: Tokens 22.5x + Treasure Box 1x
    Stage 360: Tokens 25.0x + Cforce Water 1x
    Stage 390: Tokens 30.0x + Treasure Box 1x

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    The last time I opened rift is on Stage 60 and got my very first pet for beating the boss on stage 60 as well!


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