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  • Chuck Norris Moves Skills!

    There are 6 moves available in chuck norris, and you can choose 3 of them in separate sets:

    Move Set 1:
    Kick or Push-Up!

    Move Set 2:
    Thunder or Tiger!

    Move Set 3:
    Shadow or Beard!

    I'll write the Moves details below!

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    Set 1 Moves!
    Basic - Kick nearby enemies!
    Stun - Kick nearby enemies and leave 'em stunned!
    Copter - Perform three kicks that send nearby enemies flying!
    Block - Kick nearby enemies and briefly stop all incoming damage!
    (Level 24) - Kick nearby enemies and increase the chance of a critical hit!

    Basic - Do a Push-up that causes an earthquake!
    Clap - Do a lap Push-up so good coins fly out!
    Stone - Do a Push-up so hard rocks fly in all directions!
    (Level 25) - Do a Push-up and recover quickly to do another!
    (Level 35) - Do a Push-up and block the next attacks!

    Set 2 Moves!
    Basic - Jump and pound the ground!
    Gold - Jump and pound the ground so hard coins come out!
    Volcano - Jump and pound the ground creating a pool of lava!
    (Level 22) - Jump and pound the ground to steal lifeforce from all enemies hit!
    (Level 33) - Jump and pound the ground to summon additional shadow!

    Basic Strike 3 enemies with sudden speed!
    (Level 19) - Strike 3 enemies and stun them!
    (Level 20) - Strike only one enemy 3 times and steal their lifeforce!
    (Level 38) - Strike ALL enemies! (And pity them).
    (Level 47) - Strike 3 enemies and leave them bleeding!

    Set 3 Moves!
    Basic - Summon Chuck's shadow to fight!
    Double - Summon Chuck's shadows to fight. Gain two charges.
    Heal - Summon Chuck's shadow to fight and give you health!
    (Level 31) - Summon Chuck's shadow. Knockback now makes enemies bleed!
    (Level 41) - Summon Chuck's shadow. Reduces all Move cooldowns.

    Basic - Use Chuck's beard to open a black hole!
    (Level 28) - Use Chuck's beard to open a black hole that blocks incoming damage!
    (Level 29) - Open a portal to Chuck's personal vault and earn bonus coins!
    (Level 44) - Open a black hole that steals life from enemies!
    (Level 50) - Punch enemies and stun them!

    I couldn't get all the info i.e. the levels requirement and the move ability names. Kindly help to complete if you know the info, or share your tips and guides on any of your favorite best Moves selections!


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