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  • Attracting more peeps

    On my previous posts, I've told you that the peeps since they are the one that help you to generate coins/money for your park. So I'll give you tips on how you can attract more peeps...

    Well there are 2 ways to increase your Peep Counts..

    First one is by using the Marketing Campaign..
    Press the Microphone icon on the Right corner of your screen. This will help you attract peeps BUT only for a limited time.

    The other one is using the Train..
    Yes! A train! Like what you can experience in Hong Kong Disney land.. They have a special Disneyland train for their customer this is also a way to attract more people..
    Same purpose in this game the "Special Train" will help you increase your Peeps Count. When the train is running this will give you a overflowing of peeps.. Yup and also a increase your Coins the good new is it has a longer time than the Marketing campaign.

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