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The Greedy Cave - Things to do in Town.

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  • urawa123
    Gaurav Roka dude thanks for the tips this is a great help for newbies out there

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  • Gaurav Roka
    started a topic The Greedy Cave - Things to do in Town.

    The Greedy Cave - Things to do in Town.

    . Store things in your chest
    . Tavern is a online hub for developer, game and community
    . Blacksmith lets you feed older gear in to newer gear to level it up and also lets you shuffle around stats on your equipment
    . At the old lady you can buy single use potions that improve your experience on your next run, buy gear and use the spin wheel to receive random awards. The spin wheel is also a daily login system, fill in the meter at the bottom for an extra award. The old lady sells talent tree resets and more!
    . The bulletin board lets you turn in completed quests, clear completed achievements and view leaderboards.
    . At the dungeon portal the guard tells you how many players have died in the dungeon so far and lets you switch between normal and hard dungeons. The portal itself has all 100 stages separated in groups of 10. As you reach the 10th floor you unlock a quick travel to that point for future use.
The Greedy Cave

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