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The best part about The Greedy Cave, BOSSES.!!!!

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  • The best part about The Greedy Cave, BOSSES.!!!!

    Boss battles are generally seen at the end of a stage or level, so you must kill it in order to progress and unlock the checkpoint an the next stage, the bosses are generally far stronger than the opponents the player has faced up to that point. The boss enemies are larger in size than other enemies and the player character. Commonly, bosses are very hard or impossible to defeat without knowing the correct fighting approach. Bosses take strategy and special knowledge to defeat, such as having specifics elemental damage or elemental resistences to attack where they are more vulnerable.You will encounter a boss every 20 Floors, as the name "boss" entails its a tough monster you will need to be prepared for the battle before hand, making sure you have Hp potions, Mp potions and the best equipment you can at floor segment.
    Stage 21 BOSS- Stone Golem.
    Stage 41 BOSS- Huge tunnel worm.
    Stage 61 BOSS- Kraken
    Stage 81 BOSS- Satan
    Stage 100 BOSS- Nameless.

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    For my encounter at the Stage 41 BOSS- Huge tunnel worm I have struggle that time because the boss had a huge amount of hp and a huge amount of damage that can easily killed me, I had struggle for days before I killed the huge tunnel worm I had to suffer the dungeon in 30-41 to hunt items and upgrade it but finally killed the boss and received an item for my cap which is a rare equipment then after receiving the item I ran into the blacksmith to upgrade the item which is very useful for my survivability. Hehe


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