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Do you know gta san andres game codes?

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  • Do you know gta san andres game codes?

    Gta San Andres is beautiful and fun cars game you work assignments and earn money for it.

    I love this game so I was looking and browsing through them until I know all the new about this game, and when I was browsing I found this game codes,

    These are the codes/

    Weapons (Group 1): LXGIWYL
    Weapons (Group 2): KJKSZPJ
    Weapons (Group 3): UZUMYMW
    Extra strength of arms: NCSGDAG
    Infinite saved: WANRLTW

    Police will start chasing you: AEZAKMI
    Tkhviz stars to 0: ASNAEB
    Dark atmosphere: ALNSFMZO
    Sandstorm: CWJXUOC
    Bathing: CIKGCGX
    Change the color of all the cars to black: IOWDLAC
    Converting new cars to old: BGKGTJH
    Rural car: FVTMNBZ
    Convert all cars to race cars: GUSNHDE
    Motor is weak: THGLOJ
    Lil: XJVSNAJ
    All green lights red: ZEIIVG
    Police are everywhere: ASBHGRB
    Armed citizens: FOOOXFT
    Orange sky: OFVIAC
    Drivers are animals: YLTEICZ
    Taxi bomb: VKYPQCF
    Speed up at: YSOHNUL
    Slowing down time: LIYOAAY
    Speed up time: PPGWJHT weapons everywhere: MROEMZH

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    The nostalgia value of San Andreas is so high for me. I remember being a kid and completely disregarding whatever mission I was on the game to mess around with the codes. Lol.


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      This could help me while playing gta. Thanks


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