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Do you know gta san andres game codes?

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  • Jessetem
    This could help me while playing gta. Thanks

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  • Mcupin
    The nostalgia value of San Andreas is so high for me. I remember being a kid and completely disregarding whatever mission I was on the game to mess around with the codes. Lol.

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  • yosef
    started a topic Do you know gta san andres game codes?

    Do you know gta san andres game codes?

    Gta San Andres is beautiful and fun cars game you work assignments and earn money for it.

    I love this game so I was looking and browsing through them until I know all the new about this game, and when I was browsing I found this game codes,

    These are the codes/

    Weapons (Group 1): LXGIWYL
    Weapons (Group 2): KJKSZPJ
    Weapons (Group 3): UZUMYMW
    Extra strength of arms: NCSGDAG
    Infinite saved: WANRLTW

    Police will start chasing you: AEZAKMI
    Tkhviz stars to 0: ASNAEB
    Dark atmosphere: ALNSFMZO
    Sandstorm: CWJXUOC
    Bathing: CIKGCGX
    Change the color of all the cars to black: IOWDLAC
    Converting new cars to old: BGKGTJH
    Rural car: FVTMNBZ
    Convert all cars to race cars: GUSNHDE
    Motor is weak: THGLOJ
    Lil: XJVSNAJ
    All green lights red: ZEIIVG
    Police are everywhere: ASBHGRB
    Armed citizens: FOOOXFT
    Orange sky: OFVIAC
    Drivers are animals: YLTEICZ
    Taxi bomb: VKYPQCF
    Speed up at: YSOHNUL
    Slowing down time: LIYOAAY
    Speed up time: PPGWJHT weapons everywhere: MROEMZH
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