Gta vice city is beautiful and fun cars game you work assignments and earn money for it. I love this game so I was looking and browsing through them until I know all the new about this game, and when I was browsing I found this game codes,

These are the codes /

Personal health 100%: aspirine
Armor: preciousprotection
Weapons of the first stage: thugstools
Phase II: weapons professionaltools
Weapons of the third phase: nuttertools
Police are following you for no reason: youwonttakemealive
The police stop chasing you: leavemealone
Driving better: gripiseverything
Flying cars: comeflywithme
Tank: panzer
Hour game be quick: lifeispassingmeby
Speed up game: onspeed
The game becomes slow: booooooring
Blow up all cars in the game: bigbang
Footbridge in revolt: fightfightfight
Pedestrians attack you: nobodylikesme
Infantry weapons: ourgodgivenrighttobeararms
Pedestrians are stealing your car: hopingirl
Change the size of the wheels of the car: loadsoflittlethings
The car disappear: wheelsareallineed
Women on the beach with guns: chickswithguns