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Do you know Counter Strike game codes?

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  • Do you know Counter Strike game codes?

    Counter Strike is beautiful War and action game. I love this game so I was looking and browsing through them until I know all the new about this game, and when I was browsing I found this game codes,

    These are the codes /

    To get the super sniper: Givespaceweapon_awp
    Automatic correction: Sv_aim
    Change the force of gravity to 1000 ' you can change the number 1000 as you like so that if you lower it too will fly ': Sv_gravity 10
    See through walls: Gl_zmax 9999
    Big ran speed: Cl_forwardspeed 999
    ADF: + reload
    Clear vision in the dark: Lambert-1.0001
    Running without sound feet: Mp_footsteps 0
    Getting a Russian submachine gun: Give weapon_ak47
    The bomb: Give weapon_hegrenade
    Light rifle 1-3: Give weapon_mp5navy

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    What's the point of using cheat codes in this game? It's nonsense!


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      Yeah, it's odd to use cheat codes in a multiplayer game. Of course, sometimes you can have fun against bots, but it becomes boring after a couple of minutes. I prefer fair play in multiplayer, so I don't use any cheats or wallhacks. And yeah, the majority of servers in CS:GO have advanced anti-cheat protection, so it isn't a good idea anyway. I know that some players also get skins via fraud and then get banned quickly. I don't respect such behavior, I buy skins on skinsmonkey.com legally. It's not because I'm afraid of being banned, but because I'm an honest guy.
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        I prefer playing without using any codes.


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          I know a few codes. Let me know if you need any. I love this game because each match is objective-based and comes down to teamwork, strategy, and pure skill. It can be tempting to cheat when you’re constantly dying to better players, but doing so can lead to some pretty bad repercussions. Nevertheless, the world of cheating in games, and more specifically in CS: GO is fascinating. In the last few years, the CS: GO gambling sites have registered significant growth in popularity. At https://globalcsgo.com/csgo-gambling-sites/ you can find more information about the best CS: GO gambling sites available online.
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