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Do you know Counter Strike game codes?

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  • Do you know Counter Strike game codes?

    Counter Strike is beautiful War and action game. I love this game so I was looking and browsing through them until I know all the new about this game, and when I was browsing I found this game codes,

    These are the codes /

    To get the super sniper: Givespaceweapon_awp
    Automatic correction: Sv_aim
    Change the force of gravity to 1000 ' you can change the number 1000 as you like so that if you lower it too will fly ': Sv_gravity 10
    See through walls: Gl_zmax 9999
    Big ran speed: Cl_forwardspeed 999
    ADF: + reload
    Clear vision in the dark: Lambert-1.0001
    Running without sound feet: Mp_footsteps 0
    Getting a Russian submachine gun: Give weapon_ak47
    The bomb: Give weapon_hegrenade
    Light rifle 1-3: Give weapon_mp5navy

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    What's the point of using cheat codes in this game? It's nonsense!


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      Yeah, it's odd to use cheat codes in a multiplayer game. Of course, sometimes you can have fun against bots, but it becomes boring after a couple of minutes. I prefer fair play in multiplayer, so I don't use any cheats or wallhacks. And yeah, the majority of servers in CS:GO have advanced anti-cheat protection, so it isn't a good idea anyway. I know that some players also get skins via fraud and then get banned quickly. I don't respect such behavior, I buy skins on skinsmonkey.com legally. It's not because I'm afraid of being banned, but because I'm an honest guy.
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