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  • The Vagabond Duelist

    The Vagabond is a Duelist, Steeped in legend and shrouded in mystery, who makes rare appearances in the game.

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    He will challenge you to Duels with special conditions, but depending on how the Duel plays out, you can obtain more character experience points than normal.

    If you have the opportunity, beside to challenge the Vagabond to a Duel!

    Note: Appears in Duel World once you reach a certain Stage.

    Introducing the Vagabond to Friends.

    After a Duel, the Vagabond may ask you to introduce him to one of your Friends. Introduce him and he'll go and visit that Friend for a Duel.

    The more Friends you have, the more times the Vagabond will turn up, so be sure to add as many Friends as you can!

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    The Vagabond can sometimes be extremely challenging and this discourages players from battling him but even if a player loses against the vagabond, the experience gained is increased as compared to dueling standard duelists. So it is actually beneficial to players, win or lose, to battle the vagabond whenever he appears in the Duel World.


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