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  • Duel School, Duel Quizzes, Loaner Deck Challenges,

    Duel School is where you can try a variety of themed Duels. It also gives you an opportunity to try out special Decks.

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    1. Duel Quizzes - Duel Quizzes are pre-constructed situations set in the middle of a Duel. A Duel Quiz always starts on your turn. Using your skills, you must find a path to victory within your first turn. (*1)(*2)

    2. Loaner Deck Challenges - These Challenges give you can opportunity to use special Decks such as those used by high ranked Duelist or those with cards from newly released packs. (*1)

    (*1) Rewards are only earned when clearing a challenge for the first time.

    (*2) Duel School Duels do not count towards Mission requirements.

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    Duel school duels are an easy way to obtain gems for free and players should definitely attempt these challenges. There are no repercussions to losing this type of duel and you can retake these duels as often as you like. Players should note that they will only receive a reward the first time they clear a challenge. After that, you may repeat the challenge but will not receive any reward.


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      The Daily Loaner Deck, as the name clearly suggests, does indeed change daily so players can continuously receive rewards by completing this challenge. The rewards vary from gems to Gate Keys.


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