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What kind of women and men to you like physically?

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  • What kind of women and men to you like physically?

    Don't call me superficial, looks are important Doesn't mean it's the most important thing when it comes to choosing your partner, though. So, what kind of women and men do you like when it comes to looks?

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    I used to like tall and skinny men. Then my most recent boyfriend took that away from me since he is a very well built man and not extremely tall.


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      I honestly don't have a type. I had a tall and skinny, and short and plump, and now I got myself an sorta in between kinda guy.


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        Abs. Both for women and men. Italicized for emphasis. lol
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          I used to have certain preferences like he had to have: a beard, had to be taller than me, nice (having tattoos would be a plus). I'm not really picky these days but a taller guy is still a must or at least the same height since I don't really like to wear heals


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            Funny how those preferences can come crashing when you meet that special person. It all really depends, of course. I do have a type, but I didn't adhere to it always.


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              I prefer women that are thick, short and beautiful of course.I also prefer women with natural hair whether it`s long or short, doesn`t use to much make up, but all this won`t matter unless she is as beautiful on the inside.