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Keyboard autofill: how to customize dictionary

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  • Keyboard autofill: how to customize dictionary

    When I use my Samsung Galaxy S10 keyboard to type an email or whatever, it will prompt me with suggestions. If I start typing "Res," it might offer Rest, Resume, & Respond above the virtual keyboard, so I can just touch one of the words rather than typing the whole word out.

    Can I customize this? If I happen to have a friend named "Stephanie," can I set it up so that whenever I type in "Ste," it will include "Stephanie" among those suggestions? And conversely, if it offers up weird words I never use, can I remove them from the "dictionary" so they're no longer included among the suggestions?


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    Of course, you can. However, I’m not sure how it should be accessed on Samsung. I only had iPhone my whole life, so I’m not used to Android. But on Iphones, you can click on settings, keyboard and then add shortcuts. You could try and get it done from the Shortcuts app too. You can also add languages to the keyboard. I have recently added Portuguese to learn basic words in Portuguese. You can also type different words and put a default word for them. Whenever I type hello, it says hello in Portuguese. I don’t know if it makes sense, but it is what I do.


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