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  • Integration with instagram

    Hello! Is there any way to send some note with photo from evernote to instagram? From desktop, or ios, or evernote web? Is there any of these functionality or maybe plugins?

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    Can't help ya.


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      I don't think it's possible to do this because I asked this question before you and received a negative response to the message. In other respects, as I see it, everything has not changed since then. However, I am surprised why you can't send a note with a photo from Evernote to Instagram. It would be much more convenient than copying everything separately and sending it to Instagram. By the way, I recently made my new Instagram account, and it has guides and other life hacks for working in Evernote. If someone is interested, then write to me in private messages. I will share my Instagram. Given that I recently bought instant instagram followers, my popularity should grow.


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        Very bad that I'm unable to post content directly from Evernote. Right now, I'm planning to open my Instagram for my small business, any suggestions?


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          As far as I know, this is not possible yet. You can transfer photos to your desktop and post them on Instagram, is no sharing mechanism that will allow you to post the video/photo content directly from Evernote to Instagram. Suppose you are planning to share some content done in Evernote and create a popular Instagram account. In that case, after posting the content, you can purchase Instagram followers to boost your page and get more followers at the start, which is really helpful if you are planning to build your Instagram business.
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            Based on the latest data, you should only include the number of comments, the number of Instagram users saving your post, and the number of video views reels in your analytics. To increase your reach and find more customers, I suggest you analyze which content your viewers like more. You can buy likes on Instagram apps. This way, you can significantly increase your video's reach. The more views you have, the better.
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