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  • Eating Well - Shedding - Weight Loss

    So I have reached a point in my life where I have decided I am unhappy with myself and need to do something about it. my YT recommendations often feature these transformation videos where fat man turns to muscle man in ‘just 6 weeks’ I don’t buy it!

    I want to change my body, restore my confidence and feel proud of myself at 37 years old. The added complications I have are that a couple of years ago I was diagnosed coeliac and I am a shift worker.

    Coeliac - this came after contracting chicken pocks as an adult which ended up with me being hospitalised. My iron count was very low and they couldn’t work out why, iron rich diet didn’t seem to help. In the end they found I was coeliac and gluten intolerant. This had a HUGE IMPACT on my life and whilst not suffering some of the more embarrassing symptoms, I was what was known as a ‘silent coeliac’. Basically my iron count is SO low I am tired all the time, this has an impact on my mood, enthusiasm and all round ability to do stuff. I follow the driest as best I can but there are times when I can’t/don’t eat GF foods.

    Shift work - I have worked shifts for 14 years, earlier/lates/nights which I think is unhealthy for starters. This makes eating all the more difficult as my ability to prep/cook food at work can be very restricted depending where I am. It also means I am sleeping during a large chunk of the day and eating my meals in the wrong places, it also affects my ability to eat GF if I can’t find somewhere to get suitable food.

    The other thing I suffer with (since a young age) is migraines, whenever I have undertaken an extreme diet change I end up with the most horrific migraine and I can’t see it through, I go back to eating and often binge eat to get rid of the headache. I almost need a like a rehab where I can go to detox from all the st and sugar where my mood swings, headaches etc don’t affect my closest family who I love dearly.

    So with a mindset to change how I look and improve my overall well-being I need some advice/pointers and where to start. I need to know when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat, any necessary supplements to aid the changes I yearn for. The net is drowning with people who suggest they can transform you in a short space of time but I just don’t buy it.

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    Hi! I was very glad of this information, it helped me a lot when I was looking for an answer to my questions, thank you for the topic!


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      I think that you need to go to the gym as soon as possible because while you are studying there, you will have confidence in yourself. The testosterone level will be much higher than before, which can affect your life mood and overall health. I also advise you to turn to good endocrinologists who will help you make a diet for your body to maintain normal iron levels. Perhaps you should contact the doctors I am currently cooperating with because I have always had problems with excess weight due to hormones, and my best friend gave me the contacts of a good weight loss doctor. I can give you his phone number if necessary.


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        If you don't encourage yourself, your motivation will quickly run out. Everyone needs a reward from time to time, even if it's a simple compliment. So start giving yourself the attention to keep ready to move on. Treat yourself to a piece of chocolate or a portion of ice cream from time to time—hint to your loved ones that you need their support. If you are on a diet during the holidays, when everyone is preparing luxurious treats, your resolve will likely be shaken. You need a fair amount of willpower so that the holidays do not become a problem for you. And then, looking at the smart scale, you will see the result.


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          Dude, I'm so sorry you had to go through such a shock. Losing the opportunity to fully develop and see how your muscles degrade a severe psychological trauma, but you must pull yourself together and look for ways to treat or at least help the body. This way, you can take nutritional supplements that can saturate your muscles with the necessary substances. It will probably slow down the degenerative changes. Now there are a lot of places where you can find such supplements, you need to find the best place to buy Ligandrol. Maybe he can help you. As far as I know, its action is directed directly to the muscles, which helps them to be in good shape and resist diseases, the essence of which is the destruction of the muscle fiber. I hope I was able to help you at least a little.
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