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  • Budget Weight Saving Parts

    I got my new Jeffsy Base a little over a month ago, and because its a XXL, it weighs roughly 35 lbs or 15.8 kg. I'm totally broke, and have around 6 months to get some weight off this beast because of NICA.
    I've already got:
    -Carbon spacers

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    Hi! I've been wanting to see a topic on this topic for a long time, thank you!


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      When I started lightening my bike, I also decided to lose my mass. To monitor my BMI, I even bought a smart scale (on https://www.vont.com/product/smart-s...-weight-scale/). But for a long run in mountainous terrain, reducing the total weight (i.e., cyclist + bike + gear) by 5 kilograms gives an average speed increase of only 0.41 km/h. On flat sections, the increase is only 0.1 km/h! The weight of the bike compared to the weight of the rider and equipment is quite small. There is very little that can be removed from it. So to lighten the bike for long races does not justify the investment - the figures indicate that quite unambiguously.


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