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The most up to date books on sports nutrition and or supplements

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  • The most up to date books on sports nutrition and or supplements

    I did a forum search, but there is nothing current about the latest and greatest sport nutrition books. Matt Fitzgerald's books did come up, but I am interested to know if there are other good and more recent books that the ST world is using that cover most, or all of these points:

    1. How to find your ideal racing weight
    2. Best supplements
    3. Recipes
    4. Snacks
    4. Food to avoid
    5. Race hydration
    6. Race nutrition
    7. Carbs and protein
    8. Recovery nutrition
    9. Meal timing
    10. All levels from beginners to elite

    And ideally easy to follow and not overly complicated.

    Any recommendations of books or websites?


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    Bro, I'm also interested in this topic...


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      Now I'm into books about healthy eating, too. Before that, I was involved in sports on a non-professional basis. Just for myself, to stay in good shape. I took SARMs. On the advice of a friend, I bought them on paradigmpeptides.com. When my brother got into sports professionally, he started looking for other ways to stay in shape. Among the books on sports nutrition, I saw a book by James Collins in his possession. He is a sports nutritionist and has worked with the London Arsenal, the England and France teams, and other star athletes. For more than 10 years, he developed an approach to nutrition that would get the most out of food.