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Does dandruff shampoo, work on eyebrows too?

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  • Does dandruff shampoo, work on eyebrows too?

    Tryna rake up some eyebrow flakes

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    I have never had dandruff on my eyebrows.


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      I understand you perfectly. I also had dandruff on my eyebrows. It's very strange when something comes out of your eyebrows. I had shampoos with which I could not wash my eyebrows. It was very hot for me and the skin of my face. Apparently, my skin is too sensitive. Not so long ago, I changed shampoo and bought GOLD LUST SHAMPOO. This shampoo does a great job. It even got rid of dandruff on my eyebrows, not just on my head. It's super cool. In addition, it is delicate, does not bake, smells good, and makes hair silky. So I think it all depends on your shampoo. You can definitely try.


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