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    My Hayward 1hp pump finally gave up today and its time for a replacement. So far the best quote I've received is $700 installed (taxes in) for a Hayward Super Pump (1HP).

    I'd consider myself decently handy, how tough would it be for me to install my own pump (it would save me about $150 in install cost). I know if the pump is the same as the old one it would be fairly easy plug and play, but my old Hayward pump doesn't seem to be the same design as any of the new models.

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      Hayward filter pumps have proven themselves. And to install a newer model that is not the right size, you can use the appropriate fixtures and adapters. When I had an inverter heat pump installed, which I found at https://sprsunheatpump.com/swimming-...eat-pumps.html, the technician hooked up the new Hayward without any difficulty. And so that the water warms up faster in the pool from the heat pump, I use solar film. First, you cut a rectangle, spread the film on the pool so that it completely covers the bowl, and trim the material to the outline of the bowl. There are a lot of videos on the web on this subject.