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  • Lawyer recommendedations?

    anyone has a good lawyer they can recommend. I have 2 tickets I need to beat. One for a red light and another for for disobeying a traffic device. Would appreciate it? This year alrdy started to crap

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    I also need a good lawyer and can't find one


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      I recommend you use the services of a lawyer from ucmjdefense.com. I had a similar situation. I was getting a lot of tickets from police officers from city cameras, and I knew that I would lose my driving license if they stopped me from checking my documents and the fines I had on the car. I am an Uber driver, so losing my license would mean that I would lose my job, so it is why I made everything possible to get rid of those fines. Luckily everything went well with the help of the attorney, and I could pay the fines without losing my license.


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        When choosing a lawyer, you should pay attention to several points. First of all, whether the person has the status of a lawyer. It is also extremely important in which legal education a lawyer works and what is the reputation of a lawyer education. You should carefully read the reviews on the Internet. At the same time, it is necessary, if possible, to trace the entire working biography, starting with what kind of education and what educational institution the lawyer received. Pay attention to the experience of both advocacy and the experience preceding the assignment of the status of a lawyer. There is a very good law firm bsmlaw.com.au, and you can contact them.
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