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I found a good lawyer in Italy - wanted to share

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  • I found a good lawyer in Italy - wanted to share

    I thought I should give an update:
    I'm now an Italian citizen! The Rome court decided my case in September 2021. It then took until recently for it to be recorded in my commune (Coassolo Torino). So, needless to say, I'm very happy I decided to work with Arturo and his team! They did everything they said they would! His fee was much lower than some of the more well known names, but he actually did the job with less paperwork and fuss than the others required.

    Now, I'm having trouble getting an appointment for my passport at the San Francisco Italian consulate (no appointments available for the next six months!). The consulate has been no help - they just tell me to try every day at noon for a cancellation. I've been doing that, to no avail. I let Arturo and his right hand, Eleonora, know this was happening and they found it outrageous. They are now drafting a letter to the consulate to demand I have the opportunity to obtain my passport, which is within my rights. Arturo is really an attorney to will fight for his clients!!

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    You're lucky.


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      You are lucky to have found a good lawyer to help you with your case. In fact, this is not an easy task, and I perfectly understand your joy.
      I had a controversial situation with my partners from Saudi Arabia not so long ago. I needed a lawyer who knew Arabic and could resolve the situation. It turned out to be a difficult task because there are simply no such lawyers. I have been looking for such a lawyer for several weeks and, by a lucky chance, I found a law firm bsmlaw.com.au, where there are lawyers who speak Arabic. You have no idea how happy I was about this. So yes, finding a good lawyer is a big deal.