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Query re PIP appeal

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  • Query re PIP appeal

    I’ve been helping a client appeal their pip decision which was negative - she didn’t get any point. We did an MR and then an appeal and at the court hearing the judge decided to stop the proceeding as the bundle didn’t include the pip questionnaire my client completed. They gave the DWP until early July to provide the missing information, which was to my knowledge never submitted.

    Since then we have been contacted by the DWP and my client has been told they will reassess her claim and make a decision based on the information they now have.

    This doesn’t seem to make sense as the questionnaire is still missing and the DWP had already decided not to award her the benefit. If we have to go through the same process again, she will be stuck in a never-ending loop as the original questionnaire is still missing.

    What should we do? Can I contact the Courts to ask what the next steps are or query the process?

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    You should be paid for any work injury you got on work; that’s stated in employers’ rights. However, it only refers to official organizations


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      Mm, it's hard to say, but I think you should double-check the information you get from different sources. That might give you a complete picture of what's going on. And I think you may have made some mistakes in the title of the thread. In any case, that's my main advice to you. Many people suffer from an unjust government and an inability to stand up for their rights. They can't get the benefits they can ask for just because it's not in the best interest of the head office. Therefore, I believe that every employer should know their rights and the law, at least as it relates to their field of work. Everyone should know what benefits they can claim and stand up for them. more suggestions here https://www.oxnerpermarlaw.com/what-are-my-chances-of-winning-an-appeal/


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          looks good