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  • Reply to topic mortgage payment is both a split and a transfer, how?

    A mortgage payment is usually repayment of principal plus interest. Thus it's a split transaction: 1. a transfer from your bank account to the loan account categorized as Mortgage > Principle , and 2. an interest expense categorized as Mortgage > Interest.

    I can't figure out how to enter this in Skrooge. In Operations view you can either set the edit panel to Transfer in order to set the entire payment as a transfer to the loan account, or you can set the edit panel to Split and enter the Interest and Principal amounts but there's no way to set the latter sub-operations as a transfer.

    I have some old transactions (operations) for mortgage payments that I think I imported from Quicken that are represented correctly. In my bank account they are split into Mortgage > Interest and (uncategorized), and display with Skrooge's double-arrow transfer icon in the Mode column along with "Sched"; in the loan account I only see the Mortgage > Interest part with Skrooge's transfer icon. But how can I enter new loan payments similarly in Skrooge? It's probably something to do with editing the Sub-operations of the split operation but I am far from a sub-operation expert .

    Thanks! Great program, I donated.

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